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Public safety features are physical features the affect danger or risk associated with navigating on the ground. Key factors that safety in public spaces include street lamps and emergency services such as police and emergency phones.

Main Tags


Tag Element Description
amenity=hospital node, area A hospital providing in-patient medical treatment.
amenity=clinic node, area A medium-sized medical center, typically without admission of inpatients.
amenity=telephone node A public telephone.
amenity=drinking_water node A drinking water source provides potable water for consumption.




node, area A publicly accessible toilet.

Entrances can be tagged on nodes to denote location and type on entrance.

Gender of facility can also be indicated.




node, area A facility that provides social services.

When combined with the other listed tags it indicates a shelter for victims of domestic abuse (only publicly known shelters should be mapped).

amenity=police node, area A police station.


Tag Element Description
highway=footway way, area For designated footpaths, i.e. mainly/ exclusively for pedestrians.
highway=path way A generic multi-use path open to non-motorized vehicles
highway=steps way For flights of steps on footways and paths.
highway=crossing node A pedestrian crossing.
highway=street_lamp node A single pole with one or more lights to illuminate the street.

NOTE: For features illuminated by street lighting, consider using lit=yes.


Tag Element Description
bridge=yes way A bridge is an artificial construction that spans features such as roads, railways, waterways or valleys and carries a road, railway or other feature.
tunnel=yes way A tunnel is an underground passage for a road or similar.
entrance = yes way The entrance of a building.

Note: It is preferred to either tag the lower way as "tunnel=yes" or the upper way as "bridge=yes" but not both.


Tag Element Description
emergency=defibrillator node A defibrillator, an external and portable electronic device that diagnoses and can correct arrhythmia of the heart automatically.
emergency=first_aid_kit node A first aid kit.
emergency=phone node An emergency telephone.

Supplementary Tags


Tag Element Description
changing_table=* node, area Indicates presence and type of diaper changing station. Often combined with toilet tag.




node, area Part of proposed feature to indicate the whether the building has a space for feeding babies. Can be a dedicated space or a private room.
stroller=* node, way, area This Tag may be used to mark places or ways that are suitable to be used with a stroller.

See Also

  • Emergency - A key used to describe various emergency services.