South Sudan Tagging Guidelines

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Road classification

Description Tag Comment Urban example Rural Example
Motorway highway=motorway and highway=motorway_link A restricted access major divided highway, normally with 2 or more running lanes plus emergency hard shoulder. Equivalent to the Freeway, Autobahn, etc. Juba Bor Malakal Highway None
Main routes highway=trunk and highway=trunk_link Trunk roads leading to the border or big cities, if a road with a number leads to Juba from a big population area listed at, it is a trunk road, do not make the route trunk if it does not have a number. Unity Avenue Juba Bor Malakal Highway (After Bor)
Other Routes highway=primary Not as important as a Trunk Route, but serves a bit of importance, does not have to have a number, should connect towns and cities not listed on the Wikipedia page above. None Yambio - Ezo - CAR Border road
Local routes highway=secondary Local routes that are not as important as primary.
City road highway=tertiary Roads through a big city less important that serve traffic in a city but do not have a number, can be used to link the largest suburbs or districts in a city or town.
Small roads highway=unclassified Minor collector roads that link settlements. These roads are usually unpaved and are only wide enough for one vehicle. This tag is primarily used in rural areas and outside of inhabited places, though unclassified roads can be used to link smaller suburbs in a city or town.
Residential roads highway=residential Roads lined with housing. This tag is used only in urban or village areas and only on roads which do not serve a through connection function.
Service highway=service This tag is used for driveways, carpark entrance roads, private roads, etc (most often in urban areas, but may exist in rural areas too, such as driveways to gas stations or service roads in mining sites, industrial compounds, or waste recycling sites). Please remember to add access=* and service=* where applicable
Track highway=track This tag is usually used for roads providing access to agricultural or forestry facilities. roads within National Parks mostly qualify as tracks too. If possible, please use also in conjunction with tracktype=*. Never use track to mark an unpaved or unsealed road in built-up areas. Such roads should be tagged according to the local conventions (usually highway=residential) and complemented by surface=*.
Path highway=path Paths are usually impassable for motorised vehicles. (However, motorcyclists can sometimes do the most improbable stunts.) In order to mark a path as appropriate for cycling, add bicycle=yes. Never use path to mark an unpaved or unsealed road in built-up residential areas: Such roads should be tagged according to the local conventions (usually highway=residential if passable by vehicles and pedestrians, or highway=footway for pedestrian only where they can sometimes be separated from another parallel highway for vehicles) and complemented by surface=*.
Private Roads highway=* access=private For roads with no public access choose the appropriate category and add access=private. Most private roads are service roads (notably driveways to residences or farms, or carriage ways in mining sites, or service ways in closed industrial or military sites) that may exist in both rural or urban areas (private roads in urban residential areas are usually much shorter than those in industrial sites).