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航空施設 (Aeroway)

主要是與航空站、機場、及其它地面設施,以支援飛機和直升場起降操作,看Aeroway 的介紹。

關鍵字(key) 值 (value) 幾何 (element) 描述 (desc) 地圖標註 (render) 照片 (photo)
aeroway aerodrome node area 機場,Aerodrome是英式英文,美式英式為airport。
Cotswold airport at kemble from helicopter arp.jpg
aeroway apron area 停機坪,飛機停放地方。
LKPR sever 2003.jpg
aeroway control_tower node area [W] Control tower is a tall, windowed structure located on the airport grounds.
Use man_made=tower + service=aircraft_control instead.
LGA CT sunset.JPG
aeroway control_center node area [W] Control center (in the US referred to as air route traffic control center (ARTCC)) is a facility responsible for controlling aircraft en route in a particular volume of airspace (a Flight Information Region) at high altitudes between airport approaches and departures.
Air traffic controllers at the Washington ARTCC.jpg
aeroway gate node 登機門,在機場通常以編號來表示登機門。
Edinburgh Airport gate lounge.jpg
aeroway hangar node area 機庫,停放飛機或直升機的建築。
Delta jet hangar at kemble england arp.jpg
aeroway helipad node area 直升機起降平台。
Standard icon helipad.svg
Oryx helicopter.jpg
aeroway heliport node area 直升機場,通常包含一個或數個直升機起降平台。
Heliport Niagara Falls Ontario.jpg
aeroway navigationaid node 供飛機使用的輔助視覺導航設施。
Approach Lighting System Bremen 1.jpg
airmark beacon node [W] 無線電導航是使用無線電提供定位服務以協助飛機導航。
aeroway runway way area 起飛跑道,飛機用來起飛和降落的跑道。
Rendering-aeroway runway.png
Runways Brussels Airport (7655183522).jpg
aeroway taxilane way area Taxilane is a path in an airport that is part of the aircraft parking area or apron (proposed feature with low usage as of 2015-10, use with caution).
aeroway taxiway way area 滑行道,連接起飛跑道和停機坪間的跑道。
Rendering-aeroway taxiway.png
F-22A Elmendorf AFB.jpg
aeroway terminal node area [W] 航廈是機場中的建築,供旅客於陸上運輸與登機設施間轉乘。
aeroway windsock node [W] 風向標用於指示風向與相對風速。
Windsock of CCK Air Force Base 20111112.jpg
aeroway highway_strip node way area [W] 戰備跑道是平時作為公路使用的降落跑道,軍事演習或緊急狀態時可關閉道路以供飛機著陸。
RFDS emergency landing strip sign.jpg
aeroway 使用者自訂 node way Taginfo查詢常用標籤值

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