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Mevcut diller — Beginners Guide 1.2.2
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Veri Yükleme

Once you have a GPX file containing a GPS trace, you should upload it to the site. In the next step you will then use an editor to create OSM map data from the GPS trace. It is desirable that all GPS traces used to create OSM data be uploaded to the site, so that all OSM data has a source and so that others can reuse the data in the future. Note that only GPX files containing timestamps can be uploaded.

Nasıl Yüklenir

  1. Go to the main OSM page.
  2. Login (remember you need an OSM account by signing up here).
  3. Click “GPS traces” along the top.
  4. Click on "See just your traces, or upload a trace".
  5. In the 3 boxes at the top do the following:
    1. Find and select the file you wish to upload.
    2. Name the file.
    3. Add helpful tags that can be used to find it such as “London UK” (each word is a tag in itself, so Isle of Wight should be "IOW" or "Isle-of-wight").
  6. If you would like your data to be available to others (encouraged) tick the "Public?" box.
  7. Click "Upload".
  8. The data will now take a short while to be included into OSM. However, as soon as you've uploaded it, you can immediately use it.
  9. Once done you can download the data from the editor JOSM, along with all other data in that area. Alternatively, you can open it into the editor Potlatch, by clicking the 'edit' link to the right of the trace (not the one at the top).

  • Q I have created a login on the wiki, but can't login to see "my traces".
  • A The wiki and the OSM pages do not share logins, please sign up on the main OSM page first.

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