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Arkadag, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan

latitude: 38.0664, longitude: 58.0669
Browse map of Arkadag 38°03′59.04″ N, 58°04′00.84″ E
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Arkadag is a city in Ahal Province, Turkmenistan at latitude 38°03′59.04″ North, longitude 58°04′00.84″ East.

As of 20 December 2022 it is the capital city of Ahal welaýat (province) of Turkmenistan.

Notes on the City of Arkadag

Most of the city is greenfield construction.[1] It was founded in 2022 by decree of the Turkmen National Assembly following years of construction at a published cost of $1.5 billion.[2][3] The city was named in honor of former President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, whose official nickname is Arkadag.[2] The city is intended to house a population of 70,000 residents.

The city is divided into two boroughs (Turkmen: etrap, plural etraplar), Gorjaw and Kärizek, each with a presidentially appointed mayor.[4][5]

The decree naming the city also ordered annexation of the nearby village of Aba Annayew (Turkmen: Aba Annaýew). Initially designated a neighborhood of the city, in May 2023 Aba Annayew was upgraded to town status but it remained subordinate to the city and was included in Kärizek Borough.[6]

In 2023 the government of Turkmenistan designated Arkadag the country's only city "of state importance".[7][8]


Arkadag derives from two Turkmen words, arka (behind) and dag (mountain), literally "the mountain behind" and connoting a protector or defensive bulwark. Arkadag is the official nickname of the second president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, and the city was named in his honor. A statue of Berdimuhamedov stands on the plaza in front of the governor's office. Officially, in Turkmen the city is named Ahal welaýatynyň Arkadag şäheri (Arkadag city of Ahal Province).

Street Naming Conventions

Please see Turkmenistan: Street Naming Conventions.


Arkadag, as a welaýat capital, is categorized by the government of Turkmenistan as a city "(şäher, город) with status of ... a district (etrap, район). Law stipulates such cities must have population over 30,000 and be the administrative center of a province (welaýat); headed by a presidentially appointed häkim." Accordingly, Arkadag should be tagged place=city and admin_level=8. See Turkmenistan: Administrative Subdivisions for additional detail.

City layout

As a centrally planned urban center, the city is laid out symmetrically. As of 23 December 2022 the city remained a work in progress, with the north-easternmost one-third of the city yet to be built. Appendix to parliamentary decree of 20 December 2022 depicting layout of Arkadag city

Points of interest

Several buildings in Arkadag were or will be named after noted personages by decree of the national parliament, including:[9]

  • Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Health and Rehabilitation Center
  • Aba Annayev International Academy of Horse Breeding
  • Berdimuhamed Annayev Ahal velayat Pedagogical Secondary Vocational School
  • Sachly Dursunova Ahal velayat Medical Secondary Vocational School
  • Gorogly Ahal velayat State Equestrian Circus
  • Sachly Dursunova Ahal velayat Medical and Vocational Secondary School
  • Dovletmammed Azady Ahal velayat Library .
  • Aman Gulmammadov State Drama Theatre of Ahal velayat.
  • Saha Jepbarov Ahal velayat Specialised Art School
  • Shukur bagshy Ahal velayat Children's Art School


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