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Balkanabat, Balkan Province, Turkmenistan

latitude: 39.5113, longitude: 54.3598
Browse map of Balkanabat 39°30′40.68″ N, 54°21′35.28″ E
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Balkanabat is a city in Balkan Province, Turkmenistan at latitude 39°30′40.68″ North, longitude 54°21′35.28″ East.

Balkanabat is the capital of Balkan Province (Balkan welaýaty) of Turkmenistan. It features a domestic airport, two hotels, and is a hub of the petroleum industry.

Notes on the City of Balkanabat

Balkanabat, formerly known as Nebit Dag (meaning "Petroleum Mountain" in Turkmen, Russian: Небит Даг), is an industrial city. As its former name implies, the major industries revolve around oil extraction and processing. Balkanabat features a statue honoring the first oil field explorers.

Please see Turkmenistan: General Naming Conventions


Balkanabat, as a welaýat capital, is categorized by the government of Turkmenistan as a city (şäher, город) "with status of ... a district" (etrap, район). Law stipulates such cities must have population over 30,000 and be the administrative center of a province (welaýat). Such cities are headed by a presidentially appointed häkim. Accordingly, Balkanabat should be tagged place=city and admin_level=8. See Turkmenistan#Administrative_Subdivisions for additional detail.

Infrastructure Projects

The Turkmen government announced in January 2021 a tender to renovate and expand the existing airfield in Jebel, a nearby suburb of Balkanabat, to serve the provincial capital. The landing strip is to be lengthened to 2700 meters and widened to 45 meters, with a terminal able to handle 100 passengers per hour. The third floor of the terminal building to be constructed is to serve as the control tower.[1]