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Balkan Province, Turkmenistan, Central Asia

Balkan welaýaty
latitude: 39.462, longitude: 54.756
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Balkan Province is a province in Turkmenistan, Central Asia at latitude 39°27′43.20″ North, longitude 54°45′21.60″ East.

Notes on Balkan Province

Yangy Kala Canyon, viewed from the outlook point, looking westward into the setting sun.
Dehistan archeological site.

Balkan Province's major industries include oil and natural gas production and processing, transportation and logistics, and fisheries. The capital city is Balkanabat. A major oil refinery is located in Turkmenbashy, a petrochemical plant near Kiyanly (Turkmen: Gyýanly), and a urea (carbamide) plant in Garabogaz. The Turkmenbashy International Seaport can handle up to 25 million metric tons of dry cargo per year, following a massive expansion. Bereket is a major rail junction, where the east-west mainline of the historic Kushka rail line built by the Russian Empire in the 1880s crosses the north-south line linking Kazakhstan and Iran that was put in service in December 2014.

The historic Dehistan ruins and scenic Yangy Kala Canyon are among Balkan Province's tourist destinations.

Portions of the Soviet science fiction motion picture "Kin-Dza-Dza" were filmed on the sand dunes of the Cheleken Peninsula in Balkan Province.

Administrative Subdivisions

See also Districts in Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan Geoname Changes

Balkan Province (Balkan welaýaty) is subdivided into 6 districts (etrap, plural etraplar):[1]

  1. Bereket (previously Gazanjik)
  2. Esenguly
  3. Etrek (previously Gyzylektrek)
  4. Magtymguly (previously Garry Gala)
  5. Gyzylarbat (from 1999 to 2022 Serdar, and previously Gyzylarvat)
  6. Türkmenbaşy (previously Krasnovodsk)

As of 9 November 2022, the province includes 10 cities (города or şäherler), 14 towns (посёлки or şäherçeler), 30 rural or village councils (сельские советы or geňeşlikler), and 114 villages (села, сельские населенные пункты or obalar).[2][3][4] Of the cities, 2 bear the status of cities "equivalent to a district":

  1. Balkanabat
  2. Türkmenbaşy


Major industrial sites in Balkan Province (Balkan welaýaty) include:

Construction Projects

  • In December 2020 the Turkmen Ministry of Construction announced a tender for building a new airport in the town of Jebel.[5]

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