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Lebap Province, Turkmenistan, Central Asia

Lebap welaýaty
latitude: 38.934, longitude: 63.051
Browse map of Lebap Province 38°56′02.40″ N, 63°03′03.60″ E
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Lebap Province is a province in Turkmenistan, Central Asia at latitude 38°56′02.40″ North, longitude 63°03′03.60″ East.

Notes on Lebap Province

The 10th-century Silk Road caravansaray at Dayahatyn in Lebap Province, approximately three hours' drive northwest of Turkmenabat.
Dinosaur footprints at the Dinosaur Plateau in Lebap Province, near Koytendag.

Lebap is the easternmost province of Turkmenistan. The capital is Turkmenabat. Major industries include natural gas extraction, hydrocarbon processing, sulfur and potash mining, and cotton production. A major oil refinery is located in Seýdi. The Amu Darya flows through this province. Two major bridges across the Amu Darya were commissioned in 2017, one for rail and one for motor vehicles, linking Turkmenabat with the town of Farap, which borders Uzbekistan. Major tourist attractions include the world's longest dinosaur tracks near Koýtendag and the 10th-century Daýahatyn caravansaray northwest of Turkmenabat.

Administrative Subdivisions

See also Districts in Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan Geoname Changes

Map published in July 2016 in the official gazette of Turkmenistan, depicting land swaps among Döwletli, Halaç, and Hojambaz districts (etraplary) of Lebap Province.
Map published July 2016 in the official gazette of Turkmenistan, depicting land swaps among Galkynyş and Garaşsyzlyk Districts (etraplary) and the city of Seýdi, Lebap Province, Turkmenistan.
Map published July 2016 in the official gazette of Turkmenistan, depicting boundaries of city of Turkmenabat.

As of 9 November 2022 Lebap Province (Lebap welaýaty) is subdivided into 8 districts (etrap, plural etraplar):[1] [2][3] As of November 27, 2017, Lebap Province is subdivided into 10 districts :[4][5]

  1. Çarjew (previously Serdarabat)
  2. Darganata (previously Birata)
  3. Dänew (previously Galkynyş)
  4. Halaç
  5. Hojambaz
  6. Kerki (previously Atamyrat)
  7. Köýtendag
  8. Saýat

As of that date two districts, Döwletli and Farap, were abolished. Farap's territory and municipalities were transferred to Çärjew etraby, and Döwletli's were split between Hojambaz and Köýtendag. Previously, in 2017, four districts (Beýik Türkmenbaşy, Garaşsyzlyk, Garabekwül, and Sakar) were abolished and their territories absorbed by other districts. The cities of Seýdi and Magdanly were reduced in status from cities equivalent to a district (etrap) to cities within a district. In 2017, the city of Atamyrat had its former name, Kerki, restored, and Atamyrat etraby was renamed Kerki etraby. In the same way the names Dänew and Darganata were restored, as well.[5]

As of 9 November 2022, the province included 15 cities (города or şäherler), 24 towns (посёлки or şäherçeler), 97 rural or village councils (сельские советы or geňeşlikler), and 430 villages (села, сельские населенные пункты or obalar).[1][2][3] One city in Lebap enjoys legal status equivalent to districts:

  1. Türkmenabat

You Can Help!

  • Locate missing towns in / Найти отсутствующие на карте посёлки в Lebap welaýaty. The list is here/Список здесь: Turkmenistan Geoname Changes#Towns.
  • Locate the new Zerger power plant in Çarjew etraby.

Laws and Decrees Related to Lebap Province


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