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Dashoguz Province, Turkmenistan, Central Asia

Daşoguz welaýaty
latitude: 41.079, longitude: 58.656
Browse map of Dashoguz Province 41°04′44.40″ N, 58°39′21.60″ E
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Dashoguz Province is a province in Turkmenistan, Central Asia at latitude 41°04′44.40″ North, longitude 58°39′21.60″ East.

Notes on Dashoguz Province

Dashoguz Province (Daşoguz welaýaty) features one major city, its capital city, which bears the same name as the province. It was known as Tashauz (Russian: Ташаузская область, Tashauzskaya oblast', Turkmen: Taşauz oblasty) during the Soviet period. To this day one may hear Russian speakers refer to Dashoguz Province by the Soviet Russian name. For other variants of the name used at different times, please see Turkmenistan Geoname Changes.

Administrative Subdivisions

See also Districts in Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan Geoname Changes
Map of Districts (Etraplar) of Dashoguz Province

Districts (etraplar) of Dashoguz Province, Turkmenistan, as of 2017.

As of 9 November 2022, Dashoguz Province (Daşoguz welaýaty) is subdivided into 8 districts (etrap, plural etraplar):[1][2][3]

  1. Akdepe
  2. Boldumsaz
  3. Görogly (previously Tahta)
  4. Gurbansoltan Eje
  5. Köneurgenç
  6. Ruhubelent
  7. Şabat (formerly S.A. Nyýazow adyndaky)
  8. Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy adyndaky

The parliamentary decree of 9 November 2022 abolished Gubadag etraby and transferred all its territory and municipalities to Boldumsaz etraby.

As of 9 November 2022, the province includes 9 cities (города or şäherler), 7 towns (посёлок or şäherçe), 126 rural or village councils (сельские советы or geňeşlikler), and 594 villages (села, сельские населенные пункты or obalar). One city enjoys legal status equivalent to a district:[4][1][2][3]

  1. Dashoguz

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