Mary (Turkmenistan)

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Mary, Mary Province, Turkmenistan

latitude: 37.6047, longitude: 61.8463
label: 245889876
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Mary is a city in Mary Province, Turkmenistan at latitude 37°36′16.92″ North, longitude 61°50′46.68″ East.

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It is the capital city of the Mary welaýat (province) in Turkmenistan.

Notes on the city of Mary


The current name of this city is Mary. "Merv" (Turkmen: Merw) is a former name supplanted in 1939 by "Mary" (Russian: Мары) on order of Soviet authorities[1]. The name "Merv" is currently applied to "Ancient Merv" (Turkmen: Gadymy Merw), an archeological site located to the northeast of the city of Mary, and to a farmers association (Turkmen: daýhan birleşigi) located west of the archeological site.

Previous names of the city at the archeological site include Merv, Meru, and Margiana. None of these should be applied to the current city of Mary.

Street naming conventions

Please see Turkmenistan: Street Naming Conventions.


Mary, as a welaýat capital, is categorized by the government of Turkmenistan as a city (şäher, город) with status of ... a district (etrap, район). Law stipulates such cities must have population over 30,000 and be the administrative center of a province (welaýat); headed by a presidentially appointed häkim. Accordingly, Mary should be tagged place=city and admin_level=8. See Turkmenistan: Administrative Subdivisions for additional detail.


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