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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

 from April to June 2016  from January to March 2017 from July to September 2017  from April to June 2018 

Gallery of featured images, from April to June 2017

Details and captions

Week 14 (from Monday 3 April 2017 to Sunday 9 April 2017) [Edit]

Hanshack aleppo destruction reprojected.png
  • English : Illustrating the scale of destruction in Aleppo, Syria, by reprojecting it onto OpenStreetMap buildings of Berlin: hanshack.com.

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Week 15 (from Monday 10 April 2017 to Sunday 16 April 2017) [Edit]


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Week 16 (from Monday 17 April 2017 to Sunday 23 April 2017) [Edit]

  • English : Geoff Boeing created OSMnx, a tool which uses OSM data to compare street networks and urban forms. In the image you can see one square mile extracts of some city centers around the world. Read more about Geoff's work on his blog.

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Week 17 (from Monday 24 April 2017 to Sunday 30 April 2017) [Edit]


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Week 18 (from Monday 1 May 2017 to Sunday 7 May 2017) [Edit]

Monterey CA papercut.jpg
  • English : Kartegraphik has been doing handmade papercut maps based on OpenStreetMap data. This image is a map of Monterey, California. See more at kartegraphik.com.

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Week 19 (from Monday 8 May 2017 to Sunday 14 May 2017) [Edit]

Mapscii Berlin hack and tell.jpg
  • English : A presentation of mapscii [2], a zooming panning view of OpenStreetMap rendered as ASCII art (also including Braille dot patterns).

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Week 20 (from Monday 15 May 2017 to Sunday 21 May 2017) [Edit]

London Mappers so far in 2017.png
  • English : The top ten mappers (yellow) account for most of the data contributed in London so far in 2017. Andy Allan presented "Who is mapping London?" at the recent OSM Q&A event.

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Week 21 (from Monday 22 May 2017 to Sunday 28 May 2017) [Edit]

  • English : Large railway stations often include shops and other features inside them. OpenStationMap (openstationmap.org) reveals indoor mapping data (where it has been added) specifically for railway stations.

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Week 22 (from Monday 29 May 2017 to Sunday 4 June 2017) [Edit]

Gardens of Ludwigsburg Palace.png

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Week 23 (from Monday 5 June 2017 to Sunday 11 June 2017) [Edit]

San Juan Mapathon 2017 May (1).jpg
  • English : Mapathons can be made more fun and interesting when your work is displayed on a wall of monitors for everyone to see! This mapathon, supported by the OSM Philippines community, was organized by User:GOwin as part of his MapAmore initiative and was hosted by the City of San Juan's Central Emergency and Disaster Operations Center (CEDOC).

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Week 24 (from Monday 12 June 2017 to Sunday 18 June 2017) [Edit]

State of the Map France 2017 - Group photo hands up.jpeg

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Week 25 (from Monday 19 June 2017 to Sunday 25 June 2017) [Edit]

Mapillary road signs within iD.png
  • English : The iD editor showing a new data layer from Mapillary, with road signs detected within the street-level imagery.

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Week 26 (from Monday 26 June 2017 to Sunday 2 July 2017) [Edit]

  • English : OpenStreetMap on a beanbag in the Telenav office in Cluj, Romania.

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