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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

 from July to September 2016  from April to June 2017 from October to December 2017  from July to September 2018 

Gallery of featured images, from July to September 2017

Details and captions

Week 27 (from Monday 3 July 2017 to Sunday 9 July 2017) [Edit]

Drone panguan mapping.jpg
  • English : With drone pilots, Marines, Navy and Army's Scout Rangers, User:Schadow1 organised a mapping expedition in southern Philippines for logistics, navigation, military operations purposes, and tourism. 1,957 data elements were added by the expedition.

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Week 28 (from Monday 10 July 2017 to Sunday 16 July 2017) [Edit]


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Week 29 (from Monday 17 July 2017 to Sunday 23 July 2017) [Edit]

SOTM Africa 2017 balcony group photo.jpg

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Week 30 (from Monday 24 July 2017 to Sunday 30 July 2017) [Edit]

Hlotse Community Council July Mapping Party.jpg
  • English : Mzwandile Thokoane from the MapLesotho project, lead a mapping event to bring advanced JOSM mapping back to Hlotse, in Leribe, Lesotho.

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Week 31 (from Monday 31 July 2017 to Sunday 6 August 2017) [Edit]

Map cycle trailor.jpg
  • English : Spotted wheeling the streets of Dresden, Germany, this tricycle has a localised OpenStreetMap design!

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Week 32 (from Monday 7 August 2017 to Sunday 13 August 2017) [Edit]

WorldBloxer minecraft screenshots.png
  • English : OpenStreetMap data can be represented in the 3D blocky virtual world of Minecraft. See Minecraft for a list of projects to make this conversion. These scenes were created by WorldBloxer.

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Week 33 (from Monday 14 August 2017 to Sunday 20 August 2017) [Edit]

  • English : Presenting OpenStreetMap and GPS mapping to an audience of over 100 mountaineers at AkyatCon2.0, the conference of the University of Philippines Mountaineers (UPM).

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Week 34 (from Monday 21 August 2017 to Sunday 27 August 2017) [Edit]

SOTM 2017 outdoor group photo.jpg
  • English : The international OpenStreetMap conference State Of The Map 2017 took place last weekend in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan.

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Week 35 (from Monday 28 August 2017 to Sunday 3 September 2017) [Edit]


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Week 36 (from Monday 4 September 2017 to Sunday 10 September 2017) [Edit]

Barrington-Leigh C, Millard-Ball A Density and completeness.png
  • English : A research article by Christopher Barrington-Leigh and Adam Millard-Ball has undertaken worldwide completeness analysis of OpenStreetMap's road coverage based on visual comparison of imagery and other statistical methods.

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Week 37 (from Monday 11 September 2017 to Sunday 17 September 2017) [Edit]

Belorussian OpenStreetMap community.jpg

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Week 38 (from Monday 18 September 2017 to Sunday 24 September 2017) [Edit]

CartoCamp Segou.jpg
  • English : Student group photo at the end of “CartoCamp” at Université de Ségou, Mali.

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Week 39 (from Monday 25 September 2017 to Sunday 1 October 2017) [Edit]

OSM dans ton smartphone v1.png
  • English : A selection of Android apps for different types of OpenStreetMap contribution and use, presented by Claire Halleux at a recent mapathon in Kinshasa.

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