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Galeria de imagens selecionadas, de julho a setembro de 2017

Detalhes e legendas

Semana 27 (de segunda-feira 3 de julho de 2017 a domingo 9 de julho de 2017) [Edit]

Drone panguan mapping.jpg
  • English : With drone pilots, Marines, Navy and Army's Scout Rangers, User:Schadow1 organised a mapping expedition in southern Philippines for logistics, navigation, military operations purposes, and tourism. 1,957 data elements were added by the expedition.

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Semana 28 (de segunda-feira 10 de julho de 2017 a domingo 16 de julho de 2017) [Edit]


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Semana 29 (de segunda-feira 17 de julho de 2017 a domingo 23 de julho de 2017) [Edit]

SOTM Africa 2017 balcony group photo.jpg

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Semana 30 (de segunda-feira 24 de julho de 2017 a domingo 30 de julho de 2017) [Edit]

Hlotse Community Council July Mapping Party.jpg
  • English : Mzwandile Thokoane from the MapLesotho project, lead a mapping event to bring advanced JOSM mapping back to Hlotse, in Leribe, Lesotho.

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Semana 31 (de segunda-feira 31 de julho de 2017 a domingo 6 de agosto de 2017) [Edit]

Map cycle trailor.jpg
  • English : Spotted wheeling the streets of Dresden, Germany, this tricycle has a localised OpenStreetMap design!

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Semana 32 (de segunda-feira 7 de agosto de 2017 a domingo 13 de agosto de 2017) [Edit]

WorldBloxer minecraft screenshots.png
  • English : OpenStreetMap data can be represented in the 3D blocky virtual world of Minecraft. See Minecraft for a list of projects to make this conversion. These scenes were created by WorldBloxer.

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Semana 33 (de segunda-feira 14 de agosto de 2017 a domingo 20 de agosto de 2017) [Edit]

  • English : Presenting OpenStreetMap and GPS mapping to an audience of over 100 mountaineers at AkyatCon2.0, the conference of the University of Philippines Mountaineers (UPM).

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Semana 34 (de segunda-feira 21 de agosto de 2017 a domingo 27 de agosto de 2017) [Edit]

SOTM 2017 outdoor group photo.jpg
  • English : The international OpenStreetMap conference State Of The Map 2017 took place last weekend in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan.

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Semana 35 (de segunda-feira 28 de agosto de 2017 a domingo 3 de setembro de 2017) [Edit]


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Semana 36 (de segunda-feira 4 de setembro de 2017 a domingo 10 de setembro de 2017) [Edit]

Barrington-Leigh C, Millard-Ball A Density and completeness.png
  • English : A research article by Christopher Barrington-Leigh and Adam Millard-Ball has undertaken worldwide completeness analysis of OpenStreetMap's road coverage based on visual comparison of imagery and other statistical methods.

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Semana 37 (de segunda-feira 11 de setembro de 2017 a domingo 17 de setembro de 2017) [Edit]

Belorussian OpenStreetMap community.jpg

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Semana 38 (de segunda-feira 18 de setembro de 2017 a domingo 24 de setembro de 2017) [Edit]

CartoCamp Segou.jpg
  • English : Student group photo at the end of “CartoCamp” at Université de Ségou, Mali.

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Semana 39 (de segunda-feira 25 de setembro de 2017 a domingo 1 de outubro de 2017) [Edit]

OSM dans ton smartphone v1.png
  • English : A selection of Android apps for different types of OpenStreetMap contribution and use, presented by Claire Halleux at a recent mapathon in Kinshasa.

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