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What are the PoliMappers Adventures?

PoliMappers is going to publish on its social media channels (Facebook user polimappers, Twitter user@PoliMappers) and on our telegram channel PoliMappersAdventures a simple challenge everyday for the entire month of December 2019, with the purpose of contributing to OpenStreetMap while having fun. The idea is inspired by the traditional Advent calendar.

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on our social media channels.
  2. Read the instructions for the challenge of the day.
  3. Important: add #polimappersadventures in your changeset comment when you modify the OpenStreetMap database. (If you are a member of PoliMappers, please add also the hashtags #youthmappers #polimappers).


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
December 1

A new year of adventures also means learning something new about OSM or JOSM on Learn OSM. If you want to map using what you learned today, add #polimappersadventures to the comment of your changesets!

December 2

Map a drinking fountain in OpenStreetMap and use the tag : amenity=drinking_water.

December 3

Help drivers by mapping parking sites with the tag: amenity=parking.

December 4 - ☽

Improve the information about the parking by adding its capacity using the tag: capacity=*

December 5

Get in touch with your local OpenStreetMap community! You can search it in this map

December 6
December 7
December 8
December 9
December 10
December 11
December 12 - ⚪
December 13
December 14
December 15

December 16
December 17
December 18
December 19 - ☾
December 20
December 21 - ⛄
December 22
December 23
December 24
December 25 - ✨
December 26 - ⚫
December 27
December 28
December 29
December 30
December 31
January 1 - ✨
January 2
January 3
January 4


Do I have to participate in all the activities?

It is not mandatory to participate everyday. ;-)