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See new year quests on PoliMappers/Adventures2020!


What are the PoliMappers Adventures?

PoliMappers is going to publish on its social media channels (Facebook user polimappers, Twitter user@PoliMappers) and on our telegram channel PoliMappersAdventures a simple challenge everyday for the entire month of December 2019, with the purpose of contributing to OpenStreetMap while having fun. The idea is inspired by the traditional  Advent calendar.

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on our social media channels.
  2. Read the instructions for the challenge of the day.
  3. Important: add #polimappersadventures in your changeset comment when you modify the OpenStreetMap database. (If you are a member of PoliMappers, please add also the hashtags #youthmappers #polimappers).


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
December 1

A new year of adventures also means learning something new about OSM or JOSM on Learn OSM. If you want to map using what you learned today, add #polimappersadventures to the comment of your changesets!

December 2

Map a drinking fountain in OpenStreetMap and use the tag : amenity=drinking_water.

December 3

Help drivers by mapping parking sites with the tag: amenity=parking.

December 4 - ☽

Improve the information about the parking by adding its capacity using the tag: capacity=*

December 5

Get in touch with your local OpenStreetMap community! You can search it in this map

December 6

Give humanitarian help! Log in with your OpenStreetMap account and contribute to a HOT task!

December 7

Are shops or transport stops around you wheelchair friendly? Today's quest requires you to find places on OpenStreetMap and map their accessibility with the tag: wheelchair=*. Try to use Wheelmap to improve your mapping.

December 8

Try to map roads with the help of machine learning techniques!

December 9

Map the positions of pedestrian crossings on streets using the tag : highway=crossing

December 10

Map on OpenStreetMap flooring that are helpful to assist pedestrians who are visually impaired with the tag: tactile_paving=*.

December 11

Now let’s map picnic tables! Let’s go outdoors and map one of them! You can find more information on this tag : leisure=picnic_table.

December 12 - ⚪

Are your friends mappers? If yes, connect with them on OpenStreetMap and follow their activity. If not, help them create an account and map together!

December 13

Our university Politecnico di Milano collaborated with Yarmouk University for mapping Irbid. Help us and validate changes on this task.

December 14

Map toilets with tag : amenity=toilets. If you want, you can specify male/female/unisex = yes/no details

December 15

Want to map today but don’t know where to start? Why don’t you let MapRoulette inspire you?

December 16

Map charging stations, which supply energy for electric vehicles! Use the tag : amenity=charging_station

December 17

Let’s map addresses! You can find all the information you need and the conventions applied in your country at the page about tag: addr=*

December 18

Promote sustainable mobility by mapping bicycle parking. Use the tag: amenity=bicycle_parking

December 19 - ☾

You can help humanitarian organizations and map on OpenStreetMap even on your smartphone! Today, download MapSwipe and search for buildings in various tasks

December 20

Humanitarian help can also be done by validating a HOT task, and today it is Validation Friday! Watch the video that explains how to do it!

December 21 - ⛄

The race to buy the latest Christmas gifts has begun! Map shops and what they sell using the tag: shop=*

December 22

Add opening hours information to shops or places with the tag: opening_hours=*

December 23

Create your custom UMap extracting the data using Overpass_turbo and share it on social media with #PoliMappersAdventures. Here is a guide on how to create your map.

December 24

Help saving lives using the tag: emergency=defibrillator.

December 25 - ✨

Support HOT's work via donation!

December 26 - ⚫

Fix and close an issue/note. You can find one by activating the notes layer at zoom level 9 or higher on the OSM map

December 27

There are different types of recycling bins, find the ones for batteries or drugs and map them with the tag: amenity=recycling and the tag: recycling:batteries=yes or tag: recycling:drugs=yes

December 28

Find a fire hydrant and map its type, this can help firemen! Use the tag: fire_hydrant:type=*.

December 29

Find existing features in OpenStreetMap like benches and picnic tables and add the tag about the material they are made of using the tag: material=*.

December 30

Visit your neighbourhood and map the building levels using the tag: building:levels=*. You can also remain at home using Mapillary.

December 31

Also the third year of PoliMappers Adventures is finished. Write a post on your OSM Diary about your experience with us! Show your love for OpenStreetMap, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), OpenStreetMap Italia and PoliMappers and be creative. Your post may include a photo of you or your changesets!

January 1 - ✨

Thank you so much and happy new year 2020 of contributions to OpenStreetMap!

January 2
January 3
January 4


Do I have to participate in all the activities?

It is not mandatory to participate everyday. ;-)

Can I track changesets made with hastag #polimappersadventures ?


Note: this map can show changesets only for the last 30 days. So maybe, we will need to do screenshot of it before december 31.

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