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Education Reform
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: erkinalp
Tagging: education=*
Applies to: node, area, relation
Definition: A common tag for all educational institutions, e.g. universities, schools, kindergarten, but also the long discussed and never solved childcare, nursery, ...

Rendered as: Same as previous tagging of respective institutions, exceptions below
Draft started: 2017-08-14
RFC start: 2017-09-17

This is a spinoff from Education Reform.




The current situation on Education Features is described in this page: Education features, but most of the content is repeated here. There are a lot arguments for having a single tagging scheme for all educational facilities/institutions:

  • There has been arguements not to make a amenity=* for everything that exists on the planet.
  • There are currently several educational facilities not covered, e.g. nurseries (for the very young), childcare (after-school), ... which should from the start be in defined scheme, and not add several amenities more.
  • There are often places where several educational institutions are under the same roof, which is not possible today.

Libraries are not included in this proposal.

Exhaustive list of wiki pages on education

Active key-tag combinations (formally accepted or implicitly by heavy use)

Other proposals

Some proposals were cited as active at the time this page was created, but are abandoned or rejected now.

Abandoned or rejected proposals

Childcare2.0 and the related talk-page : Attempt to tag all kinds of childcare, mainly focussing on "after-school" and trying to replace "kindergarten".

Nursery : Daytime care of very young children before they go to (pre-)school

Earlier attempt for an "Education Reform" by user Fluteflute Fluteflute.

Rejected proposal on amenity=childcare (see Proposed_features/childcare), see also Further discussion on this topic on the talk page

Proposal Pre-School

Proposal Education Centre (Volkshochschule)

Proposals on additonal tags

Some additional tags, which have been proposed but not yet voted/accepted:

  • ISCED — proposed 2012; relates to education level associated with a school
  • Trade school — proposed May 2012; "post-secondary, often private for-profit, training center for a specific trade"

To consider as well

Some facilities might be unclear if there social_facilities or educational_facilities. So this two tag-groups should clearly be delimited.

Features not covered by this proposal

This section was a leftover from former proposal.

Some statistics on the current use of the tags

Number of values for key "amenity"-values according to several countries:

value Worldwide USA GB D F A CH comments
nursery 404 5 92 28 229 1 5 In GB, the website indicates more than 1000 day nurseries
crèche/creche 77 0 1 4 2 22 4 comments
daycare 102 61 1 6 1 3 0 comments
childcare 11107 31 20 0 39 44 7 comments
kindergarten 116 682 1 818 1 340 21451 3221 1643 1056 comments
school 567 667 194 783 25 384 35394 31207 3670 4499 comments
university 37 839 4 075 2 431 4578 1587 330 338 comments
college 24 909 2 122 1 454 918 1166 50 194 comments

In F, there seem to be around 600 crèches mapped, most of them as "kindergarten". school:preschool_cycle = yes - 98 Dominikanische Republik

First ideas how the new education could be organized

Creation of new "education"-key

Most common education institutions:

This is inspired by arguments to avoid a ubiquitous use of the "amenity"-key and earlier attemps of Amenity Reorganization

Cram school vs specialty(crafts/language/arts) school

Many have asked on the mailing list how to distinguish a cram school and a specialty school. It is a very simple test:

  • Specialty schools are schools focused on teaching a specialty, having actual academic objective and/or government recognized certificate.
  • Cram schools are educational institutions focused on exam preparation and rapid teaching of a skill, having no other academic objective nor government recognized certificate. Most famous kinds of cram schools are language exam preparation schools, university exam preparatory schools with no academic objective, business skills schools with no government recognition (e.g. a software engineering bootcamp).

Vocational school vs crafts school

Crafts schools are post-primary or lifelong further education institutions. Vocational schools are post-secondary schools, including graduate (only use for graduate schools that only grants professional masters/doctorate degrees) education.

How to tag universities and mixed campuses in this scheme

The campus is tagged education=university. Sub-schools are tagged education=school+school_level=tertiary, education=postgraduate, education=vocational, education=specialty accordingly. All subschools and buildings of a university are now members of an university relation tagged type=site+education=university(university implies school_level=tertiary). This allows us to relate distant campuses and colleges of universities somehow. All University buildings having only administrative function should be tagged education=administrative, again being member of university relation. amenity=college is now obsolete as the scheme mentioned above enable finer-grained tagging.

Mixed campuses of different kinds of schools may have similar relations but with education=school.

How to tag individual schools in this scheme

Outer boundary of a school is tagged accordingly with education tag. Buildings do not have education key if building has the same function as tagged in the campus relation.

Additional tags

Key Value Comment
optional min_age=* and max_age=* integer The children age group(s) the institution covers. Example: min_age=0 and max_age=14
optional capacity=* integer The maximum number of children the facility takes care of
optional operator=* string The name of the operator
optional operator:type=* government/religious/private/cultural/volunteer Type of the operator of the school
optional education:status=* public/government/religious/private/cultural Operating regime of the school. This might be different from the actual status of the operator.
optional cultural=* * In case of a cultural child care facility, further information about the culture/language can be added
optional religion=* * In case of a religious child care facility, further information about the religion can be added
optional service_times:childcare=* <opening hours syntax> The time children are taken care of. If service_times:childcare isn't tagged, the fallback value is the one tagged for opening_hours. service_times:childcare always has to be a subset of opening_hours=*. In case service_times:childcare are (wrongly) overlapping, opening_hours=* weights more. So if service_times:childcare states the facility is "open" and opening_hours states it is "closed", it can be interpreted as "closed" overall.
optional opening_hours=* <opening hours syntax> The time the facility is opened. Not necessarily the same time as service_hours (For example different office hours).
optional medium=* face-to-face/postal/online Is it a face-to-face school or a distance education institute?

Education for

To indicate which groups of people could attend institution use education_for:*=yes. Main variants are shown in the table below.

key Description
education_for:male males
education_for:female females
education_for:ages to specify age needed for admission. E.g. education_for:ages=6-8, 21-25 for enrollees of ages 6 to 8 and 21 to 25.
education_for:disabled people with disabilities
education_for:orphan orphans

External discussions


Vote on the proposal

If the principle will be accepted, I will proceed to work on the details of the proposal and bring it eventually to a vote. So, NO VOTE on the proposal itself for the time being.

Vote on the individual proposals "nursery" and "childcare"

In case of rejection of the educational reform (either after the vote on the principle or the proposal itself), we will then reactivate the currently suspended proposals on "nursery" and "childcare", or maybe a modified/fused version of them.