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Public-images-osm logo.svg leisure = water_park
An amusement park with features like water slides, recreational pools (e.g. wave pools) or lazy rivers. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Swimming and bathing
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 Water parks are amusement parks with features water slides, recreational pools (e.g. wave pools) or lazy rivers.

Do not use this tag for swimming facilities, i.e. outdoor or indoor facilities that are mainly focussed on swimming as a sport. Tag them with leisure=sports_centre + sport=swimming instead.

For a brine bath or a thermal bath use amenity=public_bath instead.

How to Map

Create an area and tag it leisure=water_park.

If you are not sure of its border you can place a single node in the middle and tag it leisure=water_park but the area is preferable.

If there is a lifeguard on duty, add either a node for emergency=lifeguard if they are in a fixed location; or, if they are mobile, add lifeguard=yes to the Park .

If there are no lifeguards in the area, include lifeguard=no

Tags to use in combination

  • name=* - the commonly used name of the water park
  • addresses - the address of the water park
  • opening_hours=* - hours when the water park is open
  • website=* - website of the water park
  • phone=* - phone number of the water park
  • operator=* - indicates the operator or name of the company operating the water park
  • supervised=yes/interval
  • lifeguard=*

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