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Kohteiden nimi, mahdollisesti eri yhteyksissä käytettävät.

Key Value Element Comment
name User defined node way area Kohteen nimi.
name:<lg> User defined node way area kohteen nimi tietyllä kielellä, esim. name:fi tai name:sv. Katso myös Bilingual_street_names
name:left, name:right User defined way Used when a way has different names for different sides (e.g., a street that's forming the boundary between two municipalities).
int_name User defined node way area Mahdollinen kansainvälinen nimi.
loc_name User defined node way area Paikallisesti käytetty nimi.
nat_name User defined node way area
official_name User defined node way area It has been created for country names but we need a clarification for other cases between "name", "int_name", "loc_name" and "official_name". Example: official_name=Principat d'Andorra (where "name" is name=Andorra).
old_name User defined node way area Mahdollinen aiemmin käytetty nimi.
reg_name User defined node way area
short_name User defined node way area should be a recognizable, commonly used short version of the name, not a nick name (use alt_name for that), useful for searching (recognized by Nominatim).
sorting_name User defined node way area name, used for correct sorting of names — This is only needed when sorting names cannot be based only on their orthography (using the Unicode Collation Algorithm with collation tables tailored by language and script, or when sorted lists of names are including names written in multiple languages and/or scripts) but requires ignoring some parts such as:
  • ignoring leading articles, or
  • lowering the relative importance of first names cited before a last name,
  • ignoring the generic part of a street name when it occurs before the specific name (e.g., in French with "rue", "boulevard", "place", etc.),

all of them being ignored at the primary sort level and not easily inferable by a preprocessing algorithm.

alt_name User defined node way area Vaihtoehtoinen nimi (ei vain paikallisesti käytetty)
name_1, name_2, ... Do not use this tag, suffixed name tagging for multiple values is deprecated.

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