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Matkailukohteet / tourism

Useimpiin näistä sopii kaveriksi name=*. Jos mahdollista, niin lisää myös yhteystiedot: osoite (addr:street=*, addr:housenumber=*, addr:postcode=*,addr:city=*), puhelinnumero (phone=*) ja WWW-sivu: (website=*).

Key Value Element Comment carto-Rendering Photo
tourism alpine_hut node area [W] Alpine hut or a mountain hut is a remote building positioned in the mountains designed to provided lodging accommodation for mountaineers, climbers and hikers. The access is usually restricted to foot, mountain bike or ski. Typically, these are operated by an Alpine Club or a similar organisation.
Ascher Hütte a.jpg
tourism apartment node area A holiday or vacation apartment is a furnished apartment or flat with cooking and bathroom facilities that can be rented for holiday vacations. This tag can be applied to a building accommodating one or more holiday flats. Between tourism=apartment and tourism=chalet is a clear distinction: "Chalet" is for a detached holiday cottage which you rent exclusively, "apartment" is for one or several flats in a shared building (or a single flat in one part of the building and other usages, like private apartments or a restaurant, in the other part).
HolidayFlats Martinique.jpg
tourism aquarium node area An aquarium, meant as [W] Public aquarium is the aquatic counterpart of a zoo with living aquatic animals for public viewing.
Georgia Aquarium - Ocean Voyager Tunnel Jan 2006.jpg
tourism artwork node way area Taideteos (patsas, veistos, seinämaalaus tms.)
tourism attraction node area Muu nähtävyys.
tourism camp_site node area Leirintäalue
2009-07-26 Ekeberg Camping.JPG
tourism caravan_site node area Asuntovaunualue.
Caravan Site, Stonehaven - geograph.org.uk - 156173.jpg
tourism chalet node area Chalet is a type of accommodation used in the hospitality industry to describe one or more detached cottages with self-contained cooking facilities and/or bathroom and toilet facilities. This is not to be confused with the Swiss term for a type of wood house, use the tags building=cabin or building=yes instead. Between tourism=apartment and tourism=chalet is a clear distinction: "Chalet" is for a detached holiday cottage which you rent exclusively, "apartment" is for one or several flats in a shared building (or a single flat in one part of the building and other usages, like private apartments or a restaurant, in the other part).
Chalets - geograph.org.uk - 37944.jpg
tourism gallery node area [W] Art gallery or art museum is an area or typically a building that displays a variety of visual art exhibitions; The most common exhibits being paintings, sculpture or photography. This is not to be confused with tourism=museum.
Malba Buenos Aires.jpg
tourism guest_house node area [W] Guest houses, similar to a Hostel, provides lodging accommodation without a hotel license that is typically owner-operated. They usually offer a private room served with breakfast, but the staff is not convenient around-the-clock. These range from custom-built guest houses to family-based homes, frequently refer to as a bed and breakfast.
Tourism guest house.svg
The Crossroads Country Guest House - geograph.org.uk - 88520.jpg
tourism hostel node area [W] Hostels provide inexpensive accommodation, typically with them having shared bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and lounges.
Dorm Room 1.jpg
tourism hotel node area Hotelli
Hcom 1097758 7 b.jpg
tourism information node area Opastustaulu tai infopiste
Fleetwood tourist information centre - DSC06596.JPG
tourism motel node area [W] Motel is an abbreviation which is shortened by the term "motor hotel". It's an establishment that provides accommodation designed for motorists usually on a short-term basis, with convenient parking for motor cars at or close to the room.
Dscf0759 600.jpg
tourism museum node area Museo. Useimmiten nimetty, käytä name=*
tourism picnic_site node area Levähdysalue; ulkotila jossa pöytiä ja penkkejä eväiden nauttimiseen, usein maantien varrella.
Picnic site.jpg
tourism theme_park node area Huvipuisto tai vastaava.
Rendering-theme park.png
Theme park.jpg
tourism viewpoint node Näköalapaikka.
tourism wilderness_hut node area [W] Wilderness hut or backcountry hut is a remote building, with generally a fireplace, intended to provide temporary shelter and sleeping accommodation. See also [W] Bothy
Wilderness hut.svg
Alpe scaredi.jpg
tourism zoo node area Eläintarha
Area tourism=zoo.png
A miss. berlin 1.JPG
tourism yes node area To add tourist interest to something described by other tags.
tourism user defined node area All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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