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Tajikistan, Central Asia

latitude: 38.8, longitude: 70.8
Browse map of Tajikistan 38°48′00.00″ N, 70°48′00.00″ E
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Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia at latitude 38°48′00.00″ North, longitude 70°48′00.00″ East.

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Welcome to all mappers interested in Tajikistan!

As of today (April 7th 2012), the territory of Tajikistan is still very poorly mapped on OSM, except for the capital city of Dushanbe.

The purpose of this page is to list users interested in mapping this country, and to organize and harmonize the data sources and the processes. Please list below your OSM identity (if any), as well as your area of expertise:


Currently active users:

Wiki Identity OSM Identity Area of expertise
shenriod GBAO
Maailma Mu'minobod
Please add yourself :-)

Previous users (apparently currently not active):

Wiki Identity OSM Identity Area of expertise
merchant -
pamirbluesky GER
Gulbahor Khorog
Furough Khorog
??? ??? ???


Here a few info about the activities currently happening in Tajikistan:

Project "Participatory mapping in Tajikistan" - 02.2021 - 01.2022

This project financed by GIZ and implemented by the NGOs Little Earth and CartONG aims at developing a sustainable OSM community in Tajikistan.

More info to follow, but all announcements are currently published on the project's Facebook page.


Here below a few examples of villages that have been mapped during the project, while building up the OSM Tajikistan community.

(please click on the pictures to see in high-resolution)

Place Before the project After the (remote) base mapping After field work
Artuch before.png
Artuch after base mapping.png
to do
Madovra (Western part of Artuch)
Madovra before.png
Madovra after base mapping.png
to do
Yakkakhona (Southern part of Artuch)
Yakkakhona before.png
Yakkakhona after base mapping.png
to do
Lohur before.png
Lohur after base mapping.png
to do
Lohur (northern part)
LohurNorth before.png
LohurNorth after base mapping.png
to do
Lohur (southern part)
LohurSouth before.png
LohurSouth after base mapping.png
to do
Ghazza before.png
Ghazza after base mapping.png
to do
Tavish before.png
Tavish after base mapping.png
to do
Tavish-i-bolo before.png
Tavish-i-bolo after base mapping.png
to do
Anzob before.png
Anzob after base mapping.png
to do
Padrud before.png
Padrud after base mapping.png
to do
Chil Dukhtaron
Chil-Dukhtaron before.png
Chil-Dukhtaron after base mapping.png
to do
Hakimi before.png
Hakimi after base mapping.png
to do
Labidjui before.png
Labidjui after base mapping.png
to do
Khirmanjo before.png
Khirmanjo after base mapping.png
to do

Things you can do to help

Here are some tasks anyone can help with. Help out!

  • Add missing residential roads in Dushanbe
  • Missing towns around Dushanbe, especially east, west and south
  • Missing towns around Kurgonteppa
  • Missing streets and waterways in and around Mu'minobod

Common tags

A list of tags relevant for the Tajik context is being developed here. Mappers are of course free to add other tags if necessary, but this list is a good starting point, expecially for inexperimented mappers and / or for mappers with no field knowledge of Tajikistan.

Data sources

To be completed

Past activities and achievements

Khorog 2012

A QuickBird image (taken April 20th 2010) had been purchased for the mapping of the town of Khorog. The core of the mapping has taken place between July 28th, 2012 and August 1st, 2012. The mapping has been coordinated through the HOT Tasking Manager.

See the poor coverage before:

Khorog before.png

and compare it with the detailed coverage on August 2nd, 2012:

Khorog after.png

The current state can be seen here.

NB: A report from the ICRC (Dec 2012) mentions this mapping exercise:

Administrative Areas

In October 2013, import of Province and District boundaries from GADM 2.0 ( into relations has been finished (please see discussion page for pending license issue). They can be quite a bit off, however (5 km in one observed case, but could be more). So if you have local knowledge, a better database or if you find that the shown boundaries reflect the shape of a nearby physical object (e.g. the winding of a river, a ridge), but are besides it, please feel free to adapt. Make sure to document changes in the "source" tag.

Mapping tools