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Importing is the process of uploading external data to OSM.

Bulk imports are undertaken occasionally as a supplement to data collected by individual volunteers, and their data and ability to work in an area always has priority. Many free potential datasources have been uploaded into OSM in the past, like AND Data in the Netherlands, TIGER in the United States, Canvec in Canada, and MassGIS in the US state of Massachusetts.

Unlike editing the map or uploading GPX traces, importing combines an existing dataset with the OSM dataset, and thus typically includes a complex merging process.

More information

Import Guidelines
The ground rules. Read this before planning and executing an import.
Import Catalogue
A list of imported data. Document imports here to facilitate sharing of expertise and trouble shooting.
Description of software and import processes.
Handling bad imports
What to do if you discovered a bad import.
Getting permission
Letter templates to request for permission to use data sources.

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