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Un lugar donde los barcos y otras embarcaciones pueden buscar refugio.


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Un puerto es un área de agua protegida donde los barcos, botes y barcazas pueden amarrar y a menudo está situado a lo largo de la costa en el borde del entorno marino. Este artículo describe algunas de las muchas características asociadas con los puertos y sus enfoques desde el mar.


Puerto: Un área administrativa que incluye una zona portuaria, incluidos los accesos hacia el mar y todas las instalaciones terrestres dentro de su jurisdicción.
Area portuaria: Las aguas protegidas dentro de un área portuaria. Por lo general, están rodeados por topos, rompeolas, muelles o terrenos naturales.
Cuenca: Un área de agua cercada rodeada por muros de muelle construidos para proporcionar medios para la transferencia de cargas desde y hacia los buques.
Dock: An artificially enclosed area within which ships may moor and which may have gates to regulate water level.
Dry Dock: An artificial basin fitted with a gate or caisson, into which vessels can be floated and the water pumped out to expose the vessel's bottom.
Floating Dock: A form of dry dock consisting of a floating structure of one or more sections which can be partly submerged by controlled flooding to receive a vessel, then raised by pumping out the water so that the vessel's bottom can be exposed.
Berth: A named or numbered place where a vessel is moored at a wharf.
Terminal: A terminal covers that area on shore which provides buildings and constructions for the transfer of cargos from and to ships.

Mapping a harbour

Either a node within the area of sheltered water, or an area enclosing that water should be tagged: harbour=yes. Where the water and land area of a harbour (including moles, quays, wharves, etc.) is enclosed by a way, it can also carry the tag: landuse=harbour (or landuse=port or landuse=industrial + industrial=port). The area of water within a harbour area, if not already part of natural=coastline, waterway=riverbank or natural=water should be tagged: waterway=dock. (Also, see the Seamark tagging.)

The name=* should be the set to the official name for the harbour in the local language. A large harbour may consist of a number of separate basins and/or docks which many have their own names. Each may be enclosed by ways and tagged with their individual names in addition to the main harbour area. The land areas serving a port or harbour should more properly have landuse=* tag values with their specific usage (port_terminal, ferry_terminal, container_terminal, shipyard, wharf, quay, etc.).

A facility in which smaller pleasure boats and yachts are moored should be tagged using leisure=marina instead. Similarly a naval base should be tagged with military=naval_base.

Detailed tagging of harbour infrastructure is described in the page: Seamarks/Harbours#Harbour Information

Associated features

Features directly related to harbours
General amenities often found in harbours/marinas

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