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A facility that provides social services. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: social facilities
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A social facility is any place where social services are conducted:

Social work is a profession and a social science committed to the pursuit of social justice, to quality of life, and to the development of the full potential of each individual, group and community in a society

Specific examples of a social facility are group and nursing homes, assisted living, drug clinics, workshops for the physically disabled, and homeless shelters. There are no restrictions as to who provides the services.

How to map

Draw an area area for the campus of the facility, comprising buildings and outdoor areas. Apply the tag amenity=social_facility and specify its type with social_facility=*.

If the facility serves a particular target group, add social_facility:for=*.

If there are no outdoor areas, the tags are applied to the building. If the geometry of the building is not known yet, or when the facility occupies only a few rooms in a larger building, use a node node.

Types of social facilities

Social facilities come in many different types and can be the location of where services are provided or where they are administered from. Types of social facilities are defined by the level of care or service that is provided and whether people reside at the location. To define whom is served by the facility, use the social_facility:for=* tag as described below.

Tag Possible icon Description
social_facility=group_home Group home.svg A Group Home is a residence organized around a certain demographic and provides social and medical services, such as leisure activities or meals, and some form of supervision. Examples include retirement homes for elderly, residences for children/juveniles who cannot live with their families, halfway houses for people with addictions or minor conflicts with the law and orphanages.
social_facility=nursing_home A Nursing Home is a facility providing permanent nursing care, 24 hours a day, as well as social and medical services; supporting residents with elementary activities of daily living. Residents include elderly or seriously ill people, and such with physical and mental disabilities. See also amenity=nursing_home
social_facility=hospice A Hospice is a facility providing both, permanent palliative and nursing care, 24 hours a day, to dying or terminally or chronically ill people as well as support to their relatives. [This tag was not part of the approved proposal]. The tag healthcare=hospice is more common
social_facility=assisted_living Assisted living.svg A residential facility like group_home, but the looked after are more independent (e.g., have own flats). Usually conceived for people with "slight" disabilities. E.g., residential care home for eldery people; often with a nurse available or request and an emergency button installed.
social_facility=day_care Group home.svg A non-residential facility that provides nursing services on a daily basis to people with specific needs (elderly, disabled), similar to a group_home or nursing_home, however the users spend the night with their families and not in the facility.
social_facility=shelter Shelter.svg A facility that provides temporary sleeping facilities or refuge from exposure to the environment. E.g., a wikipedia:Homeless shelter or wikipedia:Emergency shelter or wikipedia:Transitional shelter)
social_facility=ambulatory_care Ambulantorycare.svg An office for workers who support the living needs of those who can't fully support themselves; e.g., administrative offices for home nurses or streetworkers. Consider office=* instead.
social_facility=healthcare Outpatient care.svg A non-residential facility that provides limited medical outpatient care such as drug treatment, free immunizations; e.g., a drug treatment clinic. Consider amenity=clinic.
social_facility=outreach Outreach.svg A non-residential facility that provides social welfare services such as advocacy, counseling, job placement, veterans services, housing placement, wellness programs, leisure activities. E.g., outreach for veterans.
social_facility=workshop Workshop.svg A non-residential work facility that primarily employs people with disabilities. Also includes workshops for rehabilitating or juvenile offenders.
social_facility=clothing_bank A non-residential facility that distributes clothing (often used and donated) to the poor or in emergencies, free of charge or below market price. Please distinguish from regular second-hand shops (shop=second_hand, without social concept) or charity shops (shop=charity, that sell second-hand goods to fund charities).
social_facility=food_bank Foodbank.svg A non-residential facility that distributes pre-packaged food, usually to the poor, free of charge or below market price. (e.g., food pantry). If the facility only serves prepared meals, use soup_kitchen instead.
social_facility=soup_kitchen Foodbank.svg A non-residential facility that provides prepared meals, usually to the poor, free of charge or below market price. Other names for this type of facility include meal center, food kitchen, comedor popular (Argentina), restaurante popular (Brazil), etc.
social_facility=dairy_kitchen Dairy kitchen, social facility in former-USSR countries that provides free dairy food for certain groups of people, defined by local regulations. May include newborn babies, pregnant women, feeding mothers, toddlers. If the dairy kitchen also sells dairy food it is likely that shop=dairy tag should be also added.

Who is served by the facility

Main article: Key:social_facility:for

The social_facility:for=* tag is used to describe the group of people that is primarily served by the facility. The singular form is preferred for the values.

Possible tagging errors

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