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A section in a wall or fence which can be opened to allow access. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Barriers
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A gate is a section in a wall or fence which can be opened to allow or restrict access. They are usually made of wood or metal.

How to map

On a node

On a way barrier=wall/fence/... add a node with the tag barrier=gate where the gate is.

This can be placed on a linear barrier, in the intersection node of a linear barrier and a highway way, or at a highway way node.

Avoid tagging highway intersections as that does not make clear which way has the impediment.

On a way

Tag a way with barrier=gate on the real position and width of the gate, this should be connected to the fence at either side of the way.

Add a node on the intersection between any footways and the gate, also tagged with barrier=gate, much like how crossings are mapped. (This helps routers as many will just ignore the gate if there is no node)

Additional tags

Also remember to add the access (e.g. access=private) to the path or road beyond the gate. Add access=yes and access:conditional if the access level changes under circumstances like snow, ice, or flooding.


Based on the location below, the gate node should be the end of a way. A new way starts with the gate node and it should have the access set to private if the access is restricted.

  • x = node
  • O = node with barrier=gate
  • ------ default way
  • +++++ way with access=private

Additional details

Gate details

The keys gate=* or gate:type=* are in use to specify more details for the gate type. Have a look at Taginfo (gate:type=) and Taginfo (gate=) until some definitions get agreed on and documented here.


Similar keys (only gate:type=* was documented here until 2020-03):

gate=* gate_type=* gate:type=*
gate:type=* steadily gained use following https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Tag:barrier=gate&type=revision&diff=1221062&oldid=1184990 addition in 2015. Unfortunately in retrospect, it missed gate=*. As seen from https://taghistory.raifer.tech/#***/gate:type/&***/gate_type/&***/gate/, gate=* had much more use (~450 > ~25) before, until it's surpassed in 2017 by gate:type=* at ~1k instances. Furthermore, there's a greater surge in gate:type=* since 2018 than gate=*

Other values in barrier=*_gate:

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One observation: Tag:barrier=sliding_gate pointed out barrier=sliding_gate was mainly added by Grab employees in Indonesia.

More info about gate at barrier=*.


Tag Type Sample Location OsmaRender/t@h OSM Carto
barrier=gate node 40°26′45.74″ N, 3°47′40.56″ W Barrier gate osmarender.png

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