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One-way street without own bike path, which is open for cyclists in the opposite direction. Edit or translate this description.
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Use cycleway=opposite for situations where cyclists are permitted to travel in both directions on a road which is one-way for normal traffic, in situations where there is no dedicated contra-flow lane marked for cyclists.

It can accompany oneway:bicycle=no to explicitly mark that road is not oneway to cyclists but there is no separate contraflow lane.

Note that for routing purposes using just oneway:bicycle=no is enough, this tag may be used to explicitly describe cycling infrastructure and some may prefer to not spend time on adding it. For example without this tag it is not clear that somebody surveyed location and confirmed that there is no separate contraflow lane.

If used without oneway:bicycle=* on oneway=yes it is usually safe to assume that bicycles can travel in direction opposite to way direction.


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Baustelle in Schulstrasse mit Freigabe einer Einbahnstrasse für den Radverkehr in Marburg 2017-04-02.jpg



Note about contraflow lane

Note that roads oneway for most vehicles and not oneway for bicycles, with separate line for cyclists would be tagged with cycleway=opposite_lane (or cycleway:left=opposite_lane/cycleway:right=opposite_lane cycleway:left=lane/cycleway:right=lane) rather than cycleway=opposite.

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Cycle contraflow Caen c.jpg cycleway=opposite_lane or cycleway:left=opposite_lane cycleway:left=lane


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Deprecated in the Netherlands

This tag is deprecated in the Netherlands. Please don't add it and use oneway:bicycle=no instead.