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A section in a wall or fence which can be opened to allow access. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Barriers
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A gate is a section in a wall or fence which can be opened to allow or restrict access. They are usually made of wood or metal.

How to map

On a node

Simply add the tag barrier=gate to the node where the gate is.

This can be placed on a linear barrier, in the intersection node of a linear barrier and a highway way, or at a highway way node.

Avoid tagging highway intersections as that does not make clear which way has the impediment.

On a way

Tag a way with barrier=gate on the real position and width of the gate.

Additional tags


Based on the location below, the gate node should be the end of a way. A new way starts with the gate node and it should have the access set to private if the access is restricted.

  • x = node
  • O = node with barrier=gate
  • ------ default way
  • +++++ way with access=private

Additional details

There seems to be the key gate:type=* in use to specify more details for the gate type. Have a look at Taginfo until some definitions get agreed on and documented here. Most common values are currently:

Similar keys (only gate:type=* was documented here until 2020-03):

gate:type=* gate=* gate_type=*

More info about gate at barrier=*.


Tag Type Sample Location OsmaRender/t@h Mapnik
barrier=gate node 40°26′45.74″ N, 3°47′40.56″ W Barrier gate osmarender.png

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