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Энергетика (Power)

Применяют для обозначения электростанций и электросетей. Подробнее на странице Power

Key Value Element Təsvir İşarə Foto
power plant area relation A place/industrial facility where power is generated (electricity, heat, cold water, biogas...). Individual generating units within the facility should be tagged as power=generator.
Huntly Power Station.JPG
power cable way A way following the path of underground cables, such as the local 0.4 kV network between transformer stations, distribution boxes and cable connection points, or sea cables. Not to be confused with non-power supply cables such as cables for telecommunication. May be combined with voltage=*, circuits=* and location=*.
Power to the People - geograph.org.uk - 560240.jpg
power catenary_mast node A catenary mast supports system of overhead wires used to supply electricity to electricaly powered vehicle equipped with a pantograph.
Stahl-Oberleitungsmast Deutsche Bahn.jpg
power compensator node area Several kind of power devices used to insure of power quality and network resilience.
Static VAR Compensator 2a.png
power connection node A freestanding electrical connection between two or more overhead wires
Dülmen, Umspannstation -- 2014 -- 0005.jpg
power converter node area An HVDC converter converts electric power from high voltage alternating current (AC) to high-voltage direct current (HVDC), or vice-versa.
Pole 2 Thyristor Valve.jpg
power generator node area Электростанции и генераторы. Использовать совместно с generator:source=* Depends on generator type
Eoliennes Gaspesie.jpg
power heliostat node A mirror of a heliostat device.
power insulator node way A device to protect a power line from grounding on supports
Power insulator.png
power line way Линии электропередачи. Линии на столбах отмечать power=minor_line
Power line.png
Electric transmission lines.jpg
line busbar way Specifies that a power=line is a busbar in a substation.
line bay way Specifies a power=line is a bay which connects an incoming circuit to a busbar assembly.
power marker node Using this tag is discouraged, use Key:marker instead.
power minor_line way Воздушные линии электропередачи среднего/низкого напряжения. Эти линии прокладываются на обыкновенных столбах (деревянных, металлических или железобетонных) между постройками, но никогда не прокладываются по металлическим опорам как высоковольтные ЛЭП (для них используем power=line)
Power minor line.png
power pole node Отдельные деревянные или железобетонные столбы для прокладки линий электропередач высокого и среднего напряжения.
Power pole.svg
power portal nodeway Power supporting structure composed of vertical legs with cables between them attached to a horizontal crossarm
Power substation portal.jpg
power substation node area A tag for electricity substations. These provide voltage step-up/step-down, switching, conditioning, etc. Substations may be large facilities (up to several acres) for very high voltage transmission lines or just small buildings or kiosks near the street for low voltage distribution lines. Useful combinations: voltage=*, substation=* and location=*, see the feature page for details.
power switch node A tag for electricity switches which are devices which allow operators to power up & down lines and transformer in substations or outside.
French overhead power switch pole.jpg
power switchgear area The switchgear comprises one or more busbar assemblies and a number of bays each connecting a circuit to the busbar assembly.
Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld 14.jpg
power terminal node Point of connection between overhead power lines to buildings or walls
power tower node Опоры линии электропередачи, кроме столбов. Столбы отмечать power=pole
Power-tower mapnik.png
Benkid77 Puddington-Shotwick footpath 24 110809.JPG
power transformer node A static device for transferring electric energy by inductive coupling between its windings. Large power transformers are typically located inside substations.
Trafostation Alter Hellweg IMGP4722.jpg
power User Defined node way area На странице Taginfo есть ещё частоупотребляемые теги.

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