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See here for complete list. List of chapters: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U

Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
J: Nature of Seabed
J1 S Seabed Surface of Sand seabed_surface=sand /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=sand

J2 M Seabed Surface of Mud seabed_surface=mud /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=mud

J3 Cy Seabed Surface of Clay seabed_surface=clay /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=clay

J4 Si Seabed Surface of Silt seabed_surface=silt /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=silt

J5 St Seabed Surface of Stones seabed_surface=stones /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=stones

J6 G Seabed Surface of Gravel seabed_surface=gravel /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=gravel

J7 P Seabed Surface of Pebbles seabed_surface=pebbles /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=pebbles

J8 Cb Seabed Surface of Cobbles seabed_surface=cobbles /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=cobbles

J9.1 R Seabed Surface of Rock or Rocky seabed_surface=rocky /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=rocky

J9.2 Bo Seabed Surface of Boulders seabed_surface=boulders /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=boulders

J10 Co Seabed Surface of Coral or Coraline Algea seabed_surface=coral /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=coral

J11 Sh Seabed Surface of Shells seabed_surface=shells /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=shells

J12.1 S/M Two Layer, e.g. Sand over Mud seabed_surface:1=sand, seabed_surface:2=mud /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:1:surface=sand + seamark:seabed_area:2:surface=mud

J12.2 fS.M.Sh Admixtures are shown behind the main consistuent of the deposit seabed_surface:quality:1=coarse
J13.1 Wd Seabed Surface of Weed such as Kelp seabed_surface=weed /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=weed

J13.2 INT-1-J-13.2.png Kelp seabed_surface=kelp /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=kelp

J14 INT-1-J-14.png Sandwaves seabed_surface=mobile_bottom /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=???

J15 INT-1-J-15.png Springs in the Seabed seabed_surface=spring_in_seabed /

seamark:type=seabed_area + seamark:seabed_area:surface=???

J20 INT-1-J-20.png Intertidal areas of sand and mud with patches of stones and gravel water=tidal + surface=* Proposed_features/Water_cover
J21 INT-1-J-21.png Intertidal areas of Rocky nature water=tidal + surface=rocky Proposed_features/Water_cover
J22 INT-1-J-22.png Coral Reef or Foreshore water=tidal + surface=coral
J30 f Quality of seabed is fine, only used in relation with Sand seabed_surface:quality=fine
J31 m Quality of seabed is medium, only used in relation with Sand seabed_surface:quality=medium
J32 c Quality of seabed is coarse, only used in relation with Sand seabed_surface:quality=coarse
J33 bk Quality of seabed is broken seabed_surface:quality=broken
J34 sy Quality of seabed is sticky seabed_surface:quality=sticky
J35 so Quality of seabed is soft seabed_surface:quality=soft
J36 sf Quality of seabed is stiff seabed_surface:quality=stiff
J37 v Quality of seabed is volcanic seabed_surface:quality=volcanic
J38 ca Quality of seabed is calcareous seabed_surface:quality=calcareous
J39 h Quality of seabed is hard seabed_surface:quality=hard
National variations starts here
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJa grd Ground
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJb Oz Ooze
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJc Ml Marl
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJd shin Shingle
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJe chk Chalk
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJf qrtz Quartz
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJg mad Madrepore
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJh Ba Basalt
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJi Lv Lava
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJj pum Pumice
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJk T Tufa
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJl Sc Scoriæ
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJm cin Cinders
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJn man Manganese
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJo Gc Glauconite
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJp oys Oysters
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJq mus Mussels
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJr Sp Sponge
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJs Al Algea
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJt for Foraminifera
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJu Gl Globigerina
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJv Di Diatoms
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJw rad Radiolaria
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJx Pt Pteropods
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJy pol Polyzoa
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJaa sm Small
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJab l Large
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJac glac Glacial
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJad spk Speckled
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJae w White
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJaf blk Black
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJag b Blue
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJah gn Green
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJai y Yellow
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJaj rd Red
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJak br Brown
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJal choc Chocolate color
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJam gy Gray
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJan lt Light color
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgJao d Dark