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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
S: Electronic Position-Fixing Systems
S1 INT-1-S-1.png Coast radar station, providing range and bearing service on request amenity=coast_radar_station? seamark:type=radar_station
S2 INT-1-S-2.png Ramark, radar beacon transmitting continuosly seamark:radar_transponder:category=ramark
S3.1 INT-1-S-3.1.png Radar transponder beacon, with morse identification, responding within the 3-cm(X)-band seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=* + radar_transponder:band=X
S3.2 INT-1-S-3.2.png Radar transponder beacon, with morse identification, responding with 10cm(S)-band with limit seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=* + radar_transponder:band=S
S3.3 INT-1-S-3.3.png Radar transponder beacon, with morse identification seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=*
S3.4 INT-1-S-3.4.a.png INT-1-S-3.4.b.png radar transponder beacon with seactor (of obscured) reception seamark:radar_transponder:category=racon + seamark:radar_transponder:group=* + seamark:radar_transponder:sector_start=* + seamark:radar_transponder:sector_end=*
S3.5 INT-1-S-3.5.a.png INT-1-S-3.5.b.png leading radar transponder beacons radar_transponder=leading relation seamark:type=navigation_line
S3.6 INT-1-S-3.6.a.png INT-1-S-3.6.b.png floating marks with radar transponder beacons radar_transponder=*
S4 INT-1-S-4.png radar reflector seamark:radar_reflector=yes
S5 INT-1-S-5.png Radar-conspicious feature radar_conspicious=yes or seamark:conspicuity=conspicuous
S10 INT-1-S-10.png Circular (non-directional) marine or aeromarine radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=circular or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_circular
S11 INT-1-S-11.a.png INT-1-S-11.b.png directional radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=directional or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_directional
S12 INT-1-S-12.png rotating-pattern radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=rotating_pattern or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_rotating
S13 INT-1-S-13.png Consol beacon radio_transponder:category=consol or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_consol
S14 INT-1-S-14.png radio direction-finding station radio_transponder:category=direction_finding or seamark:radio_station:category=direction_finding
S15 INT-1-S-15.png coast radio station providing QTG service radio_transponder:category=coast_radio or seamark:radio_station:category=qtg_services
S16 INT-1-S-16.png aeronautical radiobeacon radio_transponder:category=aeronautical or seamark:radio_station:category=beacon_aero
S17.1 INT-1-S-17.1.png Automatic Identification System transmitter radio_transponder:AIS=yes
S17.2 INT-1-S-17.2.a.png INT-1-S-17.2.b.png Automatic Identification System transmitter radio_transponder:AIS=yes
World Geodetic System, 1972, 1984 This should not be tagged as all OSM data is WGS84
S51 INT-1-S-51.png DGPS Correction Transmitter man_made=monitoring_station with monitoring:gps=yes/no and/or monitoring:glonass=yes/no (future also monitoring:galileo=yes/no) and DGPS_correction=yes and radio_transponder:signal_frequency=283-325kHz or frequency=283-325kHz or seamark:radio_station:category=dgps
National variations starts here
Flag of France.svgSa Radio Telegraph Station
Flag of France.svgSb Radio Telephone Station
Flag of France.svgSc Radio Direction Finding station for Calibration