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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
C: Natural Features
C1 INT-1-C-1.png Surveyed Coastline natural=coastline + coastline:survey_quality=complete
C2 INT-1-C-2.png Inadequately Surveyed Coastline natural=coastline + coastline:survey_quality=inadequate
C3 INT-1-C-3.a.png INT-1-C-3.b.png INT-1-C-3.c.png Steep Coast, Cliffs natural=cliff + natural=coastline
C4 INT-1-C-4.png Hillocks natural=coastline + SRTM details SRTM data from external database
C5 INT-1-C-5.png Flat Coast natural=coastline
C6 INT-1-C-6.a.png INT-1-C-6.b.png Sandy Coast natural=beach with surface=sand?
C7 INT-1-C-7.png Stony or Shingly shore natural=beach with surface=gravel or surface=pebbles
C8 INT-1-C-8.a.png INT-1-C-8.b.png Sandhills or Sand Dunes natural=dune
C10 INT-1-C-10.a.png INT-1-C-10.b.png NO-C-10.png Contour lines This is covered by SRTM data
C11 INT-1-C-11.png Spot heights This is covered by SRTM data
C12 INT-1-C-12.png Contour lines aproximate This is covered by SRTM data
C13 INT-1-C-13.png Form lines This is covered by SRTM data
C14 INT-1-C-14.png The height of top of trees
C20 INT-1-C-20.png River, Stream waterway=river or waterway=stream
C21 INT-1-C-21.png Intermittent rivers waterway=river + seasonal=yes or intermittent=yes or water=intermittent Proposed features/Intermittent river + Proposed_features/Water_cover
C22 INT-1-C-22.png Rapids and waterfalls waterway=waterfall, whitewater:rapid_grade=* Proposed features/Waterfall WikiProject Whitewater Maps
C23 INT-1-C-23.png Lakes natural=water
C24 INT-1-C-24.png Salt Pans natural=wetland + wetland=saltmarsh or landuse=salt_pond
C25 INT-1-C-25.a.png INT-1-C-25.b.png INT-1-C-25.c.png Glacier natural=glacier
C26 INT-1-C-26.a.png INT-1-C-26.b.png Lava flow natural=lava
C30 INT-1-C-30.png Woods in general (landuse=forest or natural=wood with/without wood=* or wood=mixed) or (natural=tree with denotation=landmark and type=* and species=*)
C31.1 INT-1-C-31.1.png Deciduous woods, broadleaf (usually seasonal) wood=deciduous Tree
C31.2 INT-1-C-31.2.png Evergreen woods, evergreen broadleef wood=evergreen Talk:Key:wood, Tree
C31.3 INT-1-C-31.3.png Conifer-woods, needle leaf wood=coniferous Tree
C31.4 INT-1-C-31.4.png Palm wood=palm Talk:Key:wood, Tree
C31.5 INT-1-C-31.5.png Nipa Palm wood=nipa_palm Talk:Key:wood
C31.6 INT-1-C-31.6.png Casuarina wood=casuarina Talk:Key:wood
C31.7 INT-1-C-31.7.png Filao wood=filao Talk:Key:wood
C31.8 INT-1-C-31.8.png Eucalypt wood=eucalypt Talk:Key:wood Tree
C32 INT-1-C-32.a.png INT-1-C-32.b.png Mangroves natural=wetland + wetland=mangrove Proposed features/Wetland areas
C33 INT-1-C-33.a.png INT-1-C-33.b.png Marsh, Swamp, Salt marsh natural=wetland + wetland=marsh Proposed features/Wetland areas
National variations starts here
Flag of Brazil.svgCa BR-C-a.png Cliffy Coast natural=cliff + natural=coastline
Flag of Norway.svgCa

Flag of France.svgCk

INT-1-NO C-a.png Park, Garden leisure=garden
Flag of Brazil.svgCb

Flag of France.svgCm

BR-C-b.png Spring natural=spring
Flag of Brazil.svgCc

Flag of France.svgCd

BR-C-c.png Grassland landuse=grass or natural=grassland or natural=heath or landuse=meadow
Flag of Brazil.svgCd

Flag of France.svgCe

BR-C-d.png Paddy field landuse=farm + crop=rice
Flag of Brazil.svgCe

Flag of France.svgCh

BR-C-e.png Coniferous woodland natural=wood or landuse=forest + wood=coniferous
Flag of Brazil.svgCf

Flag of France.svgCf

BR-C-f.png Bushes natural=scrub
Flag of France.svgCa Shading Based on STRM data
Flag of France.svgCb Hachures Based on STRM data
Flag of France.svgCc Limit of Vegitation
Flag of France.svgCg Deciduous Woodland natural=wood or landuse=forest + wood=deciduous
Flag of France.svgCi Palm Woodland natural=wood or landuse=forest + wood=palm
Flag of France.svgCj Cultivated fields landuse=farm
Flag of France.svgCl Lagoon natural=water + water=lagoon (+ salt=yes/no)