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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
U: Small Craft (Leisure) Facilities
U1.1 NChart-Symbol INT Marina.svg Marina leisure=marina + harbour:category=marina or harbour=marina

seamark:type=harbour + seamark:harbour:category=marina + seamark:name=*

U1.2 U1.2.svg Yacht berth without facilities man_made=pier

seamark:type=harbour + seamark:harbour:category=marina_no_facilities + seamark:name=*

U2 INT-1-U2.svg Visitor's berth man_made=pier seamark:type=berth

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=visitor_berth

U3 INT1-U3.svg Visitor's mooring mooring=visitor or mooring=guest or seamark:type=mooring

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=visitors_mooring

U4 INT1-U4.svg Yacht Club, Sailing Club leisure=sailing_club or amenity=yacht_club

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=nautical_club

Proposed features/marine-tagging
U5 INT1-U5.svg Slipway leisure=slipway and harbour=slipway|

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=slipway

U6 INT1-U6.svg Boat hoist waterway=boat_lift

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=boat_hoist

U7 INT1-U7.svg Public Landing, Steps, Ladder highway=steps
U8 INT1-U8.svg Sailmaker craft=sailmaker Proposed features/Craft Proposed features/marine-tagging
U9 INT1-U9.svg Boatyard waterway=boatyard or seamark:small_craft_facility:category=boatyard
U10 INT1-U10.svg Public House, Inn tourism=guest_house, tourism=hostel, amenity=pub
U11 INT1-U11.svg Restaurant amenity=restaurant
U12 INT1-U12.svg Chandler shop=chandler / shop=ship_chandler

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=chandler

Marine Mapping
U13 INT1-U13.svg Provisions shop=supermarket, shop=convenience, shop=general, shop=greengrocer
U14 INT1-U14b.svg Bank, Exchange Office amenity=bank or amenity=bureau_de_change
U15 INT1-U15.svg Physician, Doctor amenity=doctors Proposed features/Doctor Proposed features/Healthcare Proposed features/Healthcare 2.0
U16 INT1-U16.svg Pharmacy, Chemist amenity=pharmacy or shop=chemist
U17 INT1-U17.svg INT1-U17 br.svg INT1-U17 br 2.svg Water Tap amenity=drinking_water or waterway=water_point or man_made=water_well

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=water_tap

U18 INT1-U18.svg INT1-U18 br.svg INT1-U18 br 2.svg INT1-U18 no.svg Fuel Station amenity=fuel or harbour=fuel

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=fuel_station

U19 INT1-U19.svg Electricity seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=electricity
U20 INT1-U20.svg Bottle Gas shop=gas
U21 INT1-U21.svg Showers amenity=shower / amenity=public_bath

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=showers

U22 INT1-U22.svg Laundrette shop=laundry or shop=dry_cleaning

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=laundrette

U23 INT1-U23.svg INT1-U23 no.svg Public Toilet amenity=toilets

seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=toilets

U24 INT1-U24.svg Post Box amenity=post_box
U25 INT1-U25.svg Public Telephone amenity=telephone
U26 INT1-U26.svg INT1-U26 ca.svg INT1-U26 no.svg Refuse Bin amenity=waste_basket or amenity=recycling or amenity=waste_disposal or amenity=waste_transfer_station
U27 INT1-U27.svg INT1-U27 br.svg Public Car Park amenity=parking
U28 INT1-U28.svg Parking for boats and trailers amenity=parking?
U29 INT1-U30.svg INT1-U29.svg Caravan site tourism=caravan_site
U30 INT1-U30.svg INT1-U30 br.svg INT1-U30 ca.svg INT1-U30 no.svg INT1-U30 us.svg Camping Site tourism=camp_site
U31 INT1-U31.svg Water Police amenity=police + police=water_police

Marine Facilities


seamark:type=small_craft_facility + seamark:small_craft_facility:category=* + seamark:small_craft_facility:name=*

National variations starts here
Flag of Norway.svgUa Ua no.svg Bathing Place natural=beach/leisure=bathing_place
Flag of Canada.svgUa Ua ca.svg Picnic leisure=picnic_table / leisure=picnic_site / leisure=picnic / leisure=bbq
Flag of Norway.svgUb Ub no.svg Bird Sanctuary leisure=nature_reserve?
Flag of Norway.svgUc Uc no.svg Hotel tourism=hotel