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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
F: Ports
F1 INT-1-F-1.a.png INT-1-F-1.b.png INT-1-F-1.c.png INT-1-F-1.d.png A dyke, levee man_made=dyke
F2.1 INT-1-F-2.1.png Seawall on large scale maps barrier=wall + wall=seawall
F2.2 INT-1-F-2.2.a.png INT-1-F-2.2.b.png Seawall on small scale maps barrier=wall + wall=seawall
F3 INT-1-F-3.png Causeway highway=* with embankment=yes
F4.1 INT-1-F-4.1.a.png INT-1-F-4.1.b.png INT-1-F-4.1.c.png Breakwater in general man_made=breakwater Proposed features/Breakwater
F4.2 INT-1-F-4.2.png Breakwater loose boulders, tetrapods man_made=breakwater Proposed features/Breakwater
F4.3 INT-1-F-4.3.png Breakwater slope of concrete or masonry man_made=breakwater Proposed features/Breakwater
F5 INT-1-F-5.png Training Wall barrier=wall + wall=training_wall
F6.# INT-1-F-6.a.png
  1. always dry
  2. intertidal
  3. always underwater
man_made=groyne Proposed features/Breakwater Harbour Proposed features/marine-tagging
F10 NChart-Symbol INT Fishing Harbour.svg Fishing Port harbour=yes Harbour
F12 INT-1-F-12.png Mole Combining man_made=breakwater and man_made=pier or man_made=jetty Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F13 INT-1-F-13.a.png
Quay or Wharf man_made=pier or man_made=jetty Proposed features/Jetties and piers
F14 INT-1-F-14.a.png
Pier, Jetty man_made=pier Proposed features/Jetties and piers
F15 INT-1-F-15.png Pier, Prominade man_made=pier Proposed features/Jetties and piers
F16 INT-1-F-16.png Pontoon Harbour
F17 INT-1-F-17.a.png
Landing for boats
F18 INT-1-F-18.png Steps, Landing Stairs highway=steps
F19 INT-1-F-19.png Number (or letter) of berth ref=*
F20 INT-1-F-20.png Dolphin seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=dolphin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F21 INT-1-F-21.png Deviation Dolphin seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=deviation_dolphin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F22 INT-1-F-22.png Minor Posts or Pillars seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=post or + seamark:mooring:category=pile Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F23 INT-1-F-23.a.png INT-1-F-23.b.png INT-1-F-23.c.png INT-1-F-23.d.png Slipway or patent slip or ramp leisure=slipway
F24 INT-1-F-24.png Gridiron Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F25 INT-1-F-25.a.png
Dry dock waterway=dock + dock=drydock
F26 INT-1-F-26.a.png
Floating Dock waterway=dock + dock=floating
F27 INT-1-F-27.png Wet dock or non-tidal basin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour Proposed features/Port
F28 INT-1-F-28.png Tidal basin Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour Proposed features/Port
F29.1 INT-1-F-29.1.png Floating oil barrier seamark:type=obstruction + seamark:obstruction:category=boom
F29.2 Oil retaining barrier or high pressure pipe
F30 INT-1-F-30.png Works on land construction=*
F31 INT-1-F-31.png Work at sea construction=* + seamark:type=shoreline_construction + seamark:shoreline_construction:category=*
F32 INT-1-F-32.a.png
Work under construction construction=*
F33.1 INT-1-F-33.1.png Ruined Pier in general historic=ruins or ruins=yes on man_made=pier Proposed features/ruins
F33.2 INT-1-F-33.2.a.png
Ruined Pier partly submerged on high water historic=ruins or ruins=yes on man_made=pier Proposed features/ruins
F34 INT-1-F-34.a.png
Hulk seamark:type=hulk
F40 INT-1-F-40.a.png
Canal waterway=canal
F41.1 INT-1-F-41.1.png Lock on large scale charts waterway=lock_gate
F41.2 INT-1-F-41.2.a.png Lock on smaller scale charts waterway=lock_gate
F42 INT-1-F-42.png Caisson waterway=lock_gate
F43 INT-1-F-43.png Flood barrage Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F44 INT-1-F-44.a.png
Dam waterway=dam
F50 INT-1-F-50.png RoRo Terminal Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F51 INT-1-F-51.a.png
Transit sheds and warehouses building=warehouse Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F52 INT-1-F-52.png Timber yard storage_area=timber or landuse=utility or landuse=harbour Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F53.1 INT-1-F-53.1.png Crane man_made=crane
F53.2 INT-1-F-53.2.png Crane man_made=crane
F53.3 INT-1-F-53.3.png Crane man_made=crane
F60 INT-1-F-60.png Harbour Master's Office harbour=harbour_master and office=government / amenity=harbourmaster Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F61 INT-1-F-61.png Customs Office harbour=customs Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F62.1 INT-1-F-62.1.png Health Officers office or Quarantine Office can be combined in a hospital, or a separate office. office=administrative or office=government + type=quarantine, may be combined with amenity=hospital Proposed features/marine-tagging OpenSeaMap Harbour
F62.2 INT-1-F-62.2.a.png
Hospital amenity=hospital
F63 INT-1-F-63.a.png or PO Post Office amenity=post_office
National variations starts here
Flag of France.svgFa Culvert tunnel=culvert
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgFa INT-1-F-b.png Bollard seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=bollard
Flag of Brazil.svgFa BR-F-a.png Ditch with sloice waterway=ditch with lock=*
Flag of Norway.svgFa NO-F-a.png Calling point for VTS seamark:type=calling-in_point
Flag of Norway.svgFb NO-F-b.png Mooring ring mooring=ring or seamark:type=mooring + seamark:mooring:category=wall
Flag of Norway.svgFc NO-F-c.png Seawall barrier=wall + wall=seawall