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See here for complete list. List of chapters: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U

Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
G: Topographic Terms
As chapter G contains no symbols, chapter is omitted in this list
G1 Island(s) place=island
G2 Islet place=islet
G3 Cay
G4 Peninsula (Pen) place=peninsula Proposed features/peninsula
G5 Archipelago place=archipelago Proposed features/Archipelago
G6 Atoll natural=reef + place=island?
G7 Cape natural=cape Proposed features/cape
G8 Head, Headland (Hd.)
G9 Point
G10 Spit of land
G11 Rock (Rk.) natural=rock
G12 Saltmarsh, Saltings natural=wetland + wetland=saltmarsh or wetland=saltern
G13 Lagoon (Lag.) Proposed features/shelf
G20 Promontory (Prom.)
G21 Range
G22 Ridge Proposed features/ridge
G23 Mountain, Mount natural=peak Mountain mapping
G24 Summit natural=peak / natural=volcano
G25 Peak (Pk.) natural=peak
G26 Volcano natural=volcano
G27 Hill natural=peak
G28 Boulder natural=stone
G29 Tableland
G30 Plateau natural=esker
G31 Valley Proposed features/Valley
G32 Ravine, Cut
G33 Gorge
G34 Vegetation Vegetation
G35 Grassland natural=grassland Proposed features/Grassland
G36 Paddy Field Proposed features/plantage
G37 Bushes natural=scrub Proposed features/Deserts Vegetation Proposed features/Wasteland
G38 Deciduous Woodland natural=wood or landuse=forest + wood=deciduous
G39 Coniferous Woodland natural=wood or landuse=forest + wood=coniferous
G50 City, Town place=city or place=town
G51 Village place=village
G52 Fishing Village place=village
G53 Farm place=farm or landuse=farm (landuse=farmyard/landuse=farmland) Proposed features/Farmyards, farm buildings
G54 Saint
G60 Structure building=*
G61 House (Ho.) building=*
G62 Hut building=*?
G63 Multi-Story Building building=*
G64 Castle (Cas) building=* + historic=castle
G65 Pyramid Proposed features/Building attributes Proposed features/Scenery
G66 Column
G67 Mast
G68 Lattice Tower man_made=tower + tower:type=lattice
G69 Mooring Mast mooring=yes
G70 Floodlight light=* + light:category=flood
G71 Town Hall amenity=townhall
G72 Administratif Office amenity=public_building / office=* Proposed features/Building attributes
G73 Observatory landuse=observatory / building=* / man_made=telescope Proposed features/Observatory Proposed features/Telescope
G74 Institute amenity=university / office=research Proposed features/research institution
G75 Cathedral amenity=place_of_worship + religion=christian
G76 Monastery, Convent amenity=place_of_worship + religion=christian
G77 Lookout Station, Watch Tower man_made=tower / tourism=viewpoint
G78 Navigation School amenity=university / amenity=college / amenity=school
G79 Naval College amenity=university / amenity=college / amenity=school on landuse=military or military=naval_base
G80 Factory man_made=works
G81 Brick kiln, Brick works man_made=works
G82 Cement works man_made=works
G83 Water Mill man_made=watermill
G84 Greenhouse landuse=greenhouse_horticulture Proposed features/greenhouse horticulture
G85 Waterhouse, Storehouse man_made=reservoir_covered
G86 Cold Store, Refrigerated storage house building=*
G87 Refinery man_made=works
G88 Power Station power=station / power=sub_station
G89 Electric Works man_made=works
G90 Gas Works man_made=works
G91 Water Works man_made=works
G92 Sewage Works man_made=wastewater_plant
G93 Pumphouse
G94 Well man_made=well or man_made=petroleum_well
G95 Telegraph Office
G96 Hotel tourism=hotel
G97 Sailor's Home
G98 Spa Hotel tourism=hotel
G110 Street, Road highway=*
G111 Avenue highway=*
G112 Tramway railway=tram
G113 Viaduct bridge=viaduct
G114 Suspension Bridge bridge=suspension
G115 Footbridge bridge=yes + highway=footway
G116 Runway aeroway=runway
G117 Landing Lights
G118 Helicopter Landing Site aeroway=helipad
G130 Tidal Barrier
G131 Boat Lift, Ship Lift
G132 Minor Canal waterway=canal
G133 Sluice waterway=lock_gate
G134 Basin
G135 Reservoir landuse=reservoir
G136 Reclamation Area
G137 Port
G138 Harbour (Hr.)
G139 Haven (Hn.)
G140 Inner Harbour
G141 Outer Harbour
G142 Deep Water Harbour
G143 Free Port
G144 Customs Harbour
G145 Naval Port
G146 Industrial Harbour
G147 Commercial Port, Trade Port
G148 Building Harbour
G149 Oil Harbour
G150 Ore Harbour
G151 Grain Harbour
G152 Container Harbour
G153 Timber Harbour
G154 Coal Harbour
G155 Ferry Harbour
G156 Police amenity=police
G170 Terminal
G171 Building Slip
G172 Building Yard
G173 Buoy Yard, Buoy Dump
G174 Bunker Station amenity=fuel
G175 Reception facilities for oily wastes
G176 Tanker Cleaning Facility
G178 Floating Barrier, boom
G179 Piling
G180 Row of Piles
G181 Bollard
G182 Conveyor
G183 Storage Tanker
G184 Lighter Aboard Ship
G185 Liquefied Natural Gas
G186 Liquefied Petroleum Gas
G187 Very Large Crude Carrier
G188 Ultra Large Crude Carrier
G189 Shipyard
National variations starts here
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River waterway=river
Flag of France.svg
School amenity=school or amenity=college or amenity=university
Flag of France.svg
Flag of France.svg