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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
D: Cultural Features
D1 INT-1-D-1.a.png INT-1-D-1.b.png Places and Built up areas place=*
D2 INT-1-D-2.a.png INT-1-D-2.b.png Scattered buildings building=*
D3 INT-1-D-3.a.png INT-1-D-3.b.png INT-1-D-3.c.png Places on medium scale charts place=*
D4 INT-1-D-4.a.png INT-1-D-4.b.png Inland villages place=*
D5 INT-1-D-5.png Scattered buildings building=*
D6 INT-1-D-6.a.png INT-1-D-6.b.png Landmark buildings building=yes with some key features + landmark=*?
D7 INT-1-D-7.a.png INT-1-D-7.b.png Street and Road Names name=* on highway=*
D8 INT-1-D-8.a.png INT-1-D-8.b.png INT-1-D-8.c.png Ruined Landmark historic=ruins or ruins=yes Proposed features/ruins
D10 INT-1-D-10.png Motorway highway=motorway or highway=trunk
D11 INT-1-D-11.a.png INT-1-D-11.b.png Road highway=primary
D12 INT-1-D-12.a.png INT-1-D-12.b.png Tracks or Paths highway=track or highway=path
D13 INT-1-D-13.a.png INT-1-D-13.b.png Railway railway=*
D14 INT-1-D-14.a.png INT-1-D-14.b.png Cutting cutting=yes
D15 INT-1-D-15.a.png INT-1-D-15.b.png Embankment embankment=yes
D16 INT-1-D-16.png Tunnel tunnel=yes
D17 INT-1-D-17.png Airfield aeroway=*
D20 INT-1-D-20.a.png INT-1-D-20.b.png Vertical Clearance On overhead object:maxheight:marine=*

On waterway under object:seamark:bridge:clearance_height=* / seamark:bridge:clearance_height_open=* / seamark:bridge:clearance_height_closed=* / seamark:cable_overhead:vertical_clearance_safe=*

D21 INT-1-D-21.png Horizontal Clearance On waterway under object: seamark:bridge:clearance_width=*
D22 INT-1-D-22.png Fixed Bridge bridge=yes/suspension/arch + seamark:type=bridge + seamark:bridge:category=*
D23.1 INT-1-D-23.1.png Opening Bridge in general with vertical clearance bridge=opening + maxheight:marine=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=*
D23.2 INT-1-D-23.2.png Swing bridge with vertical clearance bridge=swing+maxheight:marine=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=*
D23.3 INT-1-D-23.3.png Lifting bridge with vertical clearance (open and closed) bridge=lift+maxheight:marine=open;closed + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=* / seamark:bridge:clearance_height_open=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height_closed=*
D23.4 INT-1-D-23.4.png Bascule bridge with vertical clearance bridge=bascule+maxheight:marine=* + seamark:bridge:clearance_height=*
D23.5 INT-1-D-23.5.a.png INT-1-D-23.5.b.png Pontoon bridge bridge=pontoon
D23.6 INT-1-D-23.6.png Draw bridge bridge=drawbridge
D24 INT-1-D-24.png Transporter Bridge bridge=transporter
D25 INT-1-D-25.png Overhead transporter or telepheric aerialway=*
D26 INT-1-D-26.png Power Transmission Line power=line + seamark:type=cable_overhead + seamark:cable_overhead:category=power + seamark:cable_overhead:vertical_clearance_safe=*
D27 INT-1-D-27.png Telephones Line lines=phone + seamark:type=cable_overhead + seamark:cable_overhead:category=telephone + seamark:cable_overhead:vertical_clearance_safe=*
D28 INT-1-D-28.png Overhead pipeline man_made=pipeline + maxheight:marine=* + seamark:type=pipeline_overhead
D29 INT-1-D-29.png Pipeline on land man_made=pipeline
National variations starts here
Flag of Brazil.svgDa BR-D-a.png Footbridge bridge=* on highway=path, highway=footway or similar
Flag of Norway.svgDa NO D-a.png City, Town (Small Scale) place=*
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgDa INT-1-D-a.png Tramway railway=tram
Flag of Norway.svgDb NO D-b.a.png
NO D-b.b.png
Public building building=public or building=civic or amenity=public_building
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgDb INT-1-D-b.png Helicopter landing site, Heliport aeroway=helipad
Flag of Norway.svgDc TS Telegraph Office signal_station=telegraph
Flag of Norway.svgDd NO D-d.png Causeway highway=* with embankment=yes
Flag of Norway.svgDe NO D-e.png Bridge inland bridge=*
Flag of Norway.svgDf NO D-f.png Stadium leisure=stadium