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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
T: Services
T1.1 INT-1-T-1.1.png Position of pilot boarding place pilotage=boarding_point or seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T1.2 INT-1-T-1.2.png Position of pilot boarding place, Named pilotage=boarding_point + name=* or seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T1.3 INT-1-T-1.3.png Position of pilot boarding place with Note pilotage=boarding_point + note:pilotage=* or seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T1.4 INT-1-T-1.4.png Position of pilot boarding place, Reference pilotage=boarding_point + ref=* + seamark:type=pilot_boarding Proposed features/marine-tagging
T2 INT-1-T-2.png Pilot Station with Pilot Lookout building=yes or building=civic or building=office with office=administrative Proposed features/marine-tagging
T3 INT-1-T-3.png Pilot Office building=yes or building=civic or building=office with office=administrative Proposed features/marine-tagging
T4 INT-1-T-4.png Port which is known for pilotage pilotage=yes Proposed features/marine-tagging
T10 INT-1-T-10.a1.png INT-1-T-10.a2.png INT-1-T-10.a3.png INT-1-T-10.b.png Coastguard Station amenity=coast_guard or emergency=coast_guard Proposed features/coast guard
T11 INT-1-T-11.a1.png INT-1-T-11.a2.png INT-1-T-11.a3.png INT-1-T-11.b.png Combined Coastguard and Rescue Station amenity=coast_guard or emergency=coast_guard seamark:type=rescue_station Proposed features/coast guard Proposed features/Emergency services
T12 INT-1-T-12.png Rescue Station emergency=water_rescue_station seamark:type=rescue_station Proposed features/Emergency services
T13 INT-1-T-13.a.png INT-1-T-13.b.png Lifeboat mooring amenity=lifeboat_station or emergency=lifeboat_station seamark:type=rescue_station Proposed features/Lifeboat
T14 Ref Refuge for shipwrecked mariners emergency=marine_refuge? Proposed features/marine-tagging
T20 INT-1-T-20.png Signal Station signal_station=yes or seamark:type=signal_station_traffic / seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T21 INT-1-T-21.png Signal Station showing International Port Traffic Signals signal_station=international_port_traffic seamark:type=signal_station_traffic Proposed features/marine-tagging
T22 INT-1-T-22.png Traffic Signal Station signal_station=traffic seamark:type=signal_station_traffic Proposed features/marine-tagging
T23 INT-1-T-23.png Port Control Signal Station signal_station=control Proposed features/marine-tagging
T24 INT-1-T-24.png Lock, dock and berthing signals signal_station=lock Proposed features/marine-tagging
T25.1 INT-1-T-25.1.png Bridge Signals signal_station=bridge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T25.2 INT-1-T-25.2.png Bridge Signals including traffic signals signal_station=bridge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T26 INT-1-T-26.png Distress Signal Station signal_station=distress Proposed features/marine-tagging
T27 INT-1-T-27.png Telegraph Station signal_station=telegraph Proposed features/marine-tagging
T28 INT-1-T-28.png Storm Signal Station signal_station=storm seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T29 INT-1-T-29.png Weather Signal Station / Wind Signal Station signal_station=weather seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T30 INT-1-T-30.png Ice Signal Station signal_station=ice seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T31 INT-1-T-31.png Time Signal Station signal_station=time Proposed features/marine-tagging
T32.1 INT-1-T-32.1.a.png INT-1-T-32.1.b.png Tide Scale signal_station=tide_scale seamark:type=waterway_gauge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T32.2 INT-1-T-32.2.png automatically recording tide gauge signal_station=tide_gauge seamark:type=waterway_gauge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T33 INT-1-T-33.png Tidal Signal Station signal_station=tide seamark:type=waterway_gauge Proposed features/marine-tagging
T34 Tidal Stream Signal Station signal_station=stream Proposed features/marine-tagging
T35 INT-1-T-35.png Danger Signal Station signal_station=danger seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
T36 Firing Practice Signal Station signal_station=firing seamark:type=signal_station_warning Proposed features/marine-tagging
National variations starts here
Flag of Brazil.svgTa BR-T-a.png Emergency Telephone emergency=phone
Flag of Brazil.svgTb BR-T-b.png Signal Mast man_made=mast on signal_station=*
Flag of Brazil.svgTc INT-1-T-a.png Naval Signal Station signal_station=* + military=*?