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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
N: Areas, Limites
INT-1-N-1.1.png INT-1-N-1.2.png Non-restricted areas
N2.1 INT-1-N-2.1.png Restriction Area such as speed limits, access restrictions, etc. seamark:type=restricted_area
N2.2 INT-1-N-2.2.png Entry Prohibited Area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_entry
N10 INT-1-N-10.png Reported Anchorages seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N11.1 INT-1-N-11.1.png Designated Anchor Berth seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N11.2 INT-1-N-11.2.png Designated Anchor Berth with limit seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.1 INT-1-N-12.1.png Anchorage Area, defined limit seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.2 INT-1-N-12.2.png Anchorage Area, numbered Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.3 INT-1-N-12.3.png Anchorage Area, named Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.4 INT-1-N-12.4.png Anchorage Area, deep Water Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.5 INT-1-N-12.5.png Anchorage Area, tanker Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.6 INT-1-N-12.6.png Anchorage Area, for periods up to 24h seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.7 INT-1-N-12.7.png Anchorage Area, explosives seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.8 INT-1-N-12.8.png Anchorage Area, quarantine Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N12.9 INT-1-N-12.9.png Anchorage Area, reserved Anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N13 INT-1-N-13.png Seaplane operation area seamark:type=seaplane_landing_area
N14 INT-1-N-14.png Seaplane anchorage seamark=anchorage seamark:type=anchorage
N20 INT-1-N-20.png Areas in which Anchorage is prohibited seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_anchoring
N21 INT-1-N-21.png Area where Fishing is prohibited seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_fishing
N22 INT-1-N-22.a1.png INT-1-N-22.a2.png INT-1-N-22.b1.png INT-1-N-22.b2.png INT-1-N-22.b3.png INT-1-N-22.b4.png INT-1-N-22.c1.png INT-1-N-22.c2.png INT-1-N-22.d1.png INT-1-N-22.d2.png INT-1-N-22.e1.png INT-1-N-22.e2.png Bird Sanctuary, Seal Sanctuary, Nature Reserve, National Park, Marine Sanctuary or Marine Reserve. Can also be PSSA (Particularly Sensitive Sea Area) boundary=national_park or boundary=protected_area
N23.1 INT-1-N-23.1.png Explosives Dumping Ground
N23.2 INT-1-N-23.2.png Explosives Dumping Ground (disused)
N24 INT-1-N-24.png Dumping Ground for Harmful Substances
N25 INT-1-N-25.png Degaussing Range
N26 INT-1-N-26.png Historic Wreck
N27 INT-1-N-27.png Maximum Speed maxspeed=* seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=restricted_speed
N30 INT-1-N-30.png Limit of Firing danger area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N31 INT-1-N-31.png Other Naval Practice Area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N32 INT-1-N-32.png Limit of Mine laying or counter-measures/clearance practice area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N33 INT-1-N-33.png Submarine Practice Area seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N34 INT-1-N-34.png Mine field seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=military
N40 INT-1-N-40.a.png INT-1-N-40.b.png International boundaries on land boundary=administrative + admin_level=2 in two boundary relations, one for each country Proposed features/Maritime borders
N41 INT-1-N-41.a.png INT-1-N-41.b.png International maritime boundaries boundary=administrative + admin_level=2 maritime=yes + border_type=territorial should be part of the same relation as the land border Proposed features/Maritime borders
N42 INT-1-N-42.png Baseline boundary=maritime + border_type=baseline Proposed features/Maritime borders
N43 INT-1-N-43.a.png INT-1-N-43.b.png Territorial Sea boundary=maritime + border_type=territorial? Proposed features/Maritime borders
N44 INT-1-N-44.png Contiguous Zone boundary=maritime + border_type=contiguous Proposed features/Maritime borders
N45 INT-1-N-45.png Fishery Zone boundary=maritime + border_type=fishery? Proposed features/Maritime borders
N46 INT-1-N-46.png Continental Shelf natural=continental_shelf?
N47 INT-1-N-47.a.png INT-1-N-47.b.png Exclusive Economic Zone boundary=maritime + border_type=eez seamark:type=exclusive_economic_zone Proposed features/Maritime borders
N48 INT-1-N-48.png Customs Limit
N49 INT-1-N-49.png Defined Harbour Limits boundary=maritime + border_type=harbour_limits? Harbour
N60.1 INT-1-N-60.1.a.png INT-1-N-60.1.b.png Limit of Fast Ice, Ice Front (with date)
N60.2 INT-1-N-60.2.a.png INT-1-N-60.2.b.png Limit of Sea Ice, Pack Ice (with date)
N61 INT-1-N-61.png Log Pond
N62.1 INT-1-N-62.1.png Spoil Ground seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=foul_ground
N62.2 INT-1-N-62.2.png Spoil Ground, disused seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:category=foul_ground + disused=yes
N63 INT-1-N-63.png Dredging Area waterway=dredged_area seamark:type=dredged_area
N64 INT-1-N-64.png Cargo Transhipment Area
N65 INT-1-N-65.png Incineration Area
National variations starts here
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgNa Seabed Operations Dangerous/Prohibited
Flag of Brazil.svgNa BR-N-a.png Danger Area
Flag of Brazil.svgNb BR-N-b.png Limit of iceberg
Flag of Norway.svgNb

Flag of the United Kingdom.svgNb

NO-N-b.png Diving Prohibited seamark:type=restricted_area + seamark:restricted_area:restriction=no_diving
Flag of Brazil.svgNc BR-N-c.png Embankment area
Flag of Norway.svgNc NO-N-c.png Maximum speed limit maxspeed=*
Flag of Brazil.svgNd BR-N-d.png District or province limit boundary=administrative + admin_level=4
Flag of Norway.svgNd NO-N-d.png Bottom chain
Flag of France.svgNb Explosives temporary dumping ground
Flag of France.svgNc Underwater activity prohibited
Flag of France.svgNd Limit of former mine danger area military=danger_area+disused=*
Flag of France.svgNe Minefield military=danger_area
Flag of France.svgNf Complex limit