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Symbol Description OSM Tags OSM Proposals
L: Offshore Installations
L1 INT-1-L-1.png Names of Oil and Gas fields waterway=offshore_field + name=*
L2 INT-1-L-2.png Platform with designation/name man_made=offshore_platform + name=* seamark:type=platform
L3 INT-1-L-3.png Safety Zone
L4 INT-1-L-4.png Limit of Development Area
L5.1 INT-1-L-5.1.png Wind Turbine power=generator + power_source=wind
L5.2 INT-1-L-5.2.png Wind Farm area with power=generator + power_source=wind
L10 INT-1-L-10.png Offshore platform man_made=offshore_platform
L11 INT-1-L-11.png Flare man_made=flare+offshore=yes?
L12 INT-1-L-12.png Single Point Mooring mooring=spm or mooring=sbm
L13 INT-1-L-13.png Observation/Research Platform with name man_made=offshore_platform seamark:type=platform
L14 80 Disused Platform man_made=offshore_platform+disused=yes seamark:type=platform
L15 INT-1-L-15.png Artificial Island
L16 INT-1-L-16.png Monobuoy, Exposed Location Single Mooring Buoy mooring=monobuoy
L17 INT-1-L-17.png Floating Storage Unit or FPSO man_made=floating_storage
L18 INT-1-L-18.a.png
Mooring Ground Tackle
L20 INT-1-L-20.a.png
Production well, with depth where known man_made=petroleum_well + type=* + depth=*
L21.1 INT-1-L-21.1.png Submerged wellhead: Suspended well, depth over wellhead unknown man_made=petroleum_well
L21.2 INT-1-L-21.2.png Submerged wellhead: Suspended well, with depth over wellhead man_made=petroleum_well + depth=*
L21.3 INT-1-L-21.3.png Submerged wellhead: Wellhead with height over bottom man_made=petroleum_well + height=*
L22 INT-1-L-22.png Cleared platform
L23 INT-1-L-23.png Above water wellhead man_made=petroleum_well
L24 INT-1-L-24.png Underwater turbine power=generator + power_source=?
L30.1 INT-1-L-30.1.png Submarine Cable exact route of individual cable man_made=submarine_cable seamark:type=cable_submarine
L30.2 INT-1-L-30.2.png Submarine Cable Area man_made=submarine_cable seamark:type=cable_submarine
L31.1 INT-1-L-31.1.png Submarine Power Cable exact route of single cable man_made=submarine_cable+power=line seamark:type=cable_submarine
L31.2 INT-1-L-31.2.png Submarine Power Cable Area man_made=submarine_cable+power=line seamark:type=cable_submarine
L32 INT-1-L-32.png Disused submarine cables man_made=submarine_cable+disused=yes seamark:type=cable_submarine
L40.1 INT-1-L-40.1.png Submarine supply pipeline, label to indicate product should be shown man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L40.2 INT-1-L-40.2.png Submarine supply pipeline area man_made=pipeline? seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L41.1 INT-1-L-41.1.png Submarine outlet/intake pipeline man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L41.2 INT-1-L-41.2.png Submarine outlet/intake pipeline area man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L42 INT-1-L-42.png Buried pipelines of all sorts man_made=pipeline seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L43 INT-1-L-43.a.png
Diffuser seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
L44 INT-1-L-44.png Disused pipelines man_made=pipeline + disused=yes seamark:type=pipeline_submarine
National variations starts here
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgLc INT-1-L-c.png SWOPS, Single Well Oil Production System. For substantial periods of time a loading tanker is positioned over the wellhead
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgLd INT-1-L-b.png Underwater Installation; template, manifold