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Name Image Tags used Description Related terms
amenity=bank; atm=yes/no A facility where money can be deposited and withdrawn. May also provide loans.
Barangay Hall
UP Village Barangay Hall.jpg
amenity=townhall; townhall:type=village; name=Barangay <number of barangay> Hall (if barangay name is numerical), name=<name of barangay> Barangay Hall (if barangay name is alphabetical or alphanumerical) Similar to a town hall but its jurisdiction is limited to a barangay or village
Bus stop
EDSA bus stop cubao.jpg
highway=bus_stop (see this section for information on how to map bus stops) and public_transport=platform A marked or unmarked place where passengers can board or alight from a bus. Jeepney stops may also be tagged in a similar fashion.
Cockfighting Arena
JfPambuanGapanCockpitEcijafvf 03.JPG
sport=cockfighting Can be either an enclosed area with the accompanying building and/or leisure tag or a node. Cockfighting arenas are found in virtually every town and city in the Philippines. However, only cockfighting arenas that are sanctioned by the local and/or national authorities can be tagged. Cockfighting arenas that are mostly used for other sports and events like concerts, basketball games, etc. as in the case of Smart Araneta Coliseum should not use the said tag. Cockpit; Sabungan
Coworking space
Coworking space London Ministry of startups.jpg
amenity=coworking_space A place where people can work. Often used by remote workers/telecommuters or independent workers/contractors. Coworking place; Coworking site
building=dormitory (see also residential=university, Proposed features/Student accommodation building and Proposed features/amenity=student accommodation) An amenity used by mostly college and university students as a temporary residence, located either inside or outside the college or university. Dorm
Grave site
Magsaysay Tomb.jpg
historic=tomb Marks a site where a notable person is buried Tomb
Arborloo at WAND foundation (Mindanao, Philippines) (3345685110).jpg
amenity=toilets; operator=* (if applicable); fee=yes/no Public toilets Comfort room; CR

Fuel Classification

Common Variants

Fuel variants commonly found in most areas in the Philippines

Fuel Brand (Regular) Diesel[1][2] Gas to Liquid Diesel[3] Octane 91[4][5] Octane 93[6][5] Octane 95[7][5]
Total Regular Diesel Excellium Diesel Premier Unleaded not available Excellium Unleaded
PTT Blue Diesel not available not available Blue Gasoline 93+ Blue Gasoline 95+
Phoenix Diesel not available Super Regular 91 not available Premium 95
Jetti DieselMaster not available not available AccelRate 93 JXPremium 95
CleanFuel Diesel not available Unleaded 91 not available Premium 95
SEAOIL Exceed Diesel not available Extreme U not available Extreme 95
Flying V Decivel not available Volt not available Thunder
Smartfuels Smart Diesel not available Econo not available Supra
Unioil Diesel not available Gasoline 91 not available Gasoline 95
Petron Diesel Max Turbo Diesel Xtra Advance not available XCS
Caltex Diesel not available Silver 91 not available Platinum 95
Shell FuelSave Diesel V-Power Diesel FuelSave Gasoline not available V-Power Gasoline
  1. Uses the fuel:diesel=yes tag
  2. May need to be changed to fuel:biodiesel=yes since the national government mandates a two percent (2%) diesel blend since 2007.
  3. Uses the fuel:GTL_diesel=yes tag
  4. Uses the fuel:octane_91=yes tag
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Add fuel:e10=yes tag as the national government mandates a ten percent (10%) gasoline blend since 2013.
  6. Uses the fuel:octane_93=yes tag
  7. Uses the fuel:octane_95=yes tag

Uncommon Variants

Fuel variants found in selected parts in the Philippines (examples: LPG, higher octane gasoline in urban areas, kerosene in rural areas)

Fuel Brand LPG[1] Kerosene[2] Octane 97[3][4] Octane 98[5][4] Octane 100[6][4]
PTT not available not available Blue Gasoline 97+ not available not available
Phoenix not available not available not available Premium 98 not available
CleanFuel Auto LPG not available not available not available not available
SEAOIL not available not available Extreme 97 not available not available
Flying V not available not available Rush not available not available
Smartfuels not available Kerosene not available not available not available
Unioil not available not available Gasoline 97 not available not available
Petron not available not available not available not available Blaze 100
Shell not available not available not available V-Power V-Power Racing
  1. Uses the fuel:lpg=yes tag
  2. Uses the fuel:kerosene=yes tag
  3. Uses the fuel:octane_97=yes tag
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Add fuel:e10=yes tag as the national government mandates a ten percent (10%) gasoline blend since 2013.
  5. Uses the fuel:octane_98=yes tag
  6. Uses the fuel:octane_100=yes tag

Places of Worship

This list tackles faiths and beliefs that have a nationwide following. It may never be complete.

Name Image Tags used Description Related terms
Roman Catholic Church
SacredHeartParishKamuningjf0940 04.JPG
amenity=place_of_worship; religion=christian; denomination=roman_catholic; name=name of parish
Philippine Independent Church
Facade of the Aglipayan Church (Philippine Independent Church) in Sariaya, Quezon.jpg
amenity=place_of_worship; religion=christian; denomination=philippine_independent; religion=christian; name=name of parish Aglipayan Church; Aglipay Church
Iglesia ni Cristo amenity=place_of_worship; religion=christian; denomination=iglesia_ni_cristo; name=Iglesia ni Cristo; branch=name of locale
Members Church of God International
ADD Sto. Niño.jpg
amenity=place_of_worship; religion=christian; denomination=mcgi; name=Members Church of God International; branch=name of locale Ang Dating Daan
Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH OF CHRIST (4th Watch)
09391jfAbogado Sur Samput Coral Chapels Paniqui Tarlacfvf 27.JPG
amenity=place_of_worship; religion=christian; denomination=pentecostal; name=Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch); branch=name of locale
Churches of Christ 33AD amenity=place_of_worship; religion=christian; denomination=churches_of_christ


Name Image Tags used Description Related terms
Sari-Sari stores
Sari-Sari in Cebu.jpg
shop=convenience Sari-Sari stores are typically owned by individuals.
Pasalubong Shops
Isabela City Pasalubong Center.jpg
shop=pasalubong or shop=gifts Pasalubong shops are similar to souvenir shops found in various places in the world.
shop=clothes and second_hand=yes (if shop primarily sells second hand clothing items), shop=clothes (if shop primarily sells second hand non-clothing items like bags and shoes) A shop where second hand items are sold Wagwagan
Beverage/liquor stores shop=alcohol (if shop primarily sells alcoholic drinks), shop=beverages (if shop primarily sells non-alcoholic beverages)
Appliance shops/stores
Talavera,Anilaojf9834 15.JPG
shop=electronics shop=computer is for electronics shops primarily focused on computers and/or computer parts
09807jfQuezon City Barangays South Triangle Sacred Heart Timog Avenuefvf 09.jpg
shop=books Can sell other things (school/office supplies)
School/office supply shops shop=stationery For shops that sell mostly office and/or school supplies
Gun Shops
Escaparate Tienda Amos Nuñez cuchillero.jpg
shop=weapons Shops licensed by national and/or local authorities to sell guns, ammunition and related accessories.
Funeraria/Funeral Homes
FvfSablanBenguet0402 22.JPG
shop=funeral_directors Provides burial and funeral services for the deceased and their families
Laundry Shops shop=laundry For laundry shops
Dry cleaners shop=dry_cleaning For shops that offer dry cleaning services only
Animal supply shops
FvfSantaAnaPampanga2199 10.JPG
shop=agrarian Shop that offer animal feeds and various accessories.
Water refilling stations shop=water For water refilling stations. Does not apply to water dispensing machines (also known as automated tubig machines)