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I am interrested in Mapping regions of the middle east and also use localised character coding (arabic, right to left ) .

My GPS hardware

  • Royaltek GPS Datalogger RGM-3800, with a SiRF Star 3 chipset: this is my preferred one, very small < 50 gr. without batteries, easy to use just one button to press, works with 2 AAA 2x1.5Volts batteries available even in the most isolated village. It can store up to 650,000 trackpoints. Output message: NMEA 0183 ver. 3.0,GGA, GSA, RMC and GSV every 1s.
  • Navilock NL-402U - USB Receiver with SiRF Star3 Chipset.

Editor support for localised arabic tags:

JOSM builds 1044 and newer support the display of local names. It detects the current system locale and tries to display names in this language first. You can change this behaviour in the JOSM expert settings. To display names written in Arabic first, even if the current locale is 'en' set the following property:


The same mechanism can be used to see English names for places even if the system locale is different. Simply list the names in the order you prefer.

Snapshots of arabic localised user interface for JOSM , I am currently working on

Translated is the basic user interface, e.g. without all the plugins since some of them are country specific Like Cadastre for France. so far....

الواجهة الرئيسية لائحة الملفات لائحة خيارات التحرير لائحة خيارات المعراض لائحة التعيينات المسبقة
Josm Al Arabi 00.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 01.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 02.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 03.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 04.jpg
التسجيل الصوتي المساعدة الخصائص/العضويات نافذة التنزيل الإعدادات و التفضيلات
Josm Al Arabi 05.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 06.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 07.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 08.jpg
Josm Al Arabi 09.jpg
لائحة إعدادات الإتصال و الإنترنت لقطة الشاشة رقم 11 لقطة الشاشة رقم 12 لقطة الشاشة رقم 13 لقطة الشاشة رقم 14
Josm Al Arabi 10.jpg

Arabic routing examples

CloudMade gosmore gosmore with tangogps
من دمشق إلى طرابلس مروراً بــبيروت
من مطار بيروت إلى بلدة كفر حباب شمالاً
من ماكدونالد إلى كربري في بيروت

Can Garmin devices show arabic script in street maps ?

In principle yes ! Garmin devices are able to display arabic script, as you can see from the screenshots below. But I have no infos on how to do that.

Garmin arabic street map1
Garmin arabic street map2