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Public-images-osm logo.svg building
To mark the outline of a building.
Group: Man made
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See Buildings

The building key is used to mark areas as a building. For further details of how buildings are tagged and rendered: Buildings
Note about using this tag on nodes : although buildings are better represented with their footprints (a closed way or a multipolygon relation), OSM is working by iteration and some areas in the world don't have good aerial imagery or public datasets offering building footprints. Therefore, buildings on nodes should be tolerated until better sources are available.


Key Value Element Comment Photo


building apartments Area A building arranged into individual dwellings, often on separate floors. May also have retail outlets on the ground floor. How does one map the retail elements? Use building:levels=* for the total number of floors.
building farm Area A residential building on a farm (farmhouse). For other buildings see below building=farm_auxiliary, building=barn, … If in your country farmhouse looks same as general residential house then you can tag as building=house as well. See also landuse=farmyard
Studna před č.1.,Holašovice.JPG
building hotel Area A building designed with separate rooms available for overnight accommodation. Normally used in conjunction with tourism=hotel for the hotel grounds including recreation areas and parking.
Hcom 1097758 7 b.jpg
building house Area A dwelling unit inhabited by a single household (a family or small group sharing facilities such as a kitchen). Houses forming half of a semi-detached pair, or one of a row of terraced houses, should share at least two nodes with joined neighbours, thereby defining the party wall between the properties.
building detached Area A single dwelling unit inhabited by family or small group sharing facilities such as a kitchen.
Residential House USA.JPG
building residential Area A general tag for a building used primarily for residential purposes. Where additional detail is available consider using one or more areas tagged as 'apartments', 'terrace' or 'house'.
Timarpur Residential Complex.jpg
building dormitory Area For a shared building, as used by college/university students (not a share room for multiple occupants as implied by the term in British English). Would 'hall_of_residence' be better? Alternatively, use building=residential plus residential=university.
Belgrade Dormitory.jpg
building terrace Area A single way used to define the outline of a linear row of residential dwellings, each of which normally has its own entrance, which form a terrace (row-house in North American English). Consider defining each dwelling separately using 'house'.
Terraced housing.png
building houseboat Area A boat used primarily as a home
Houseboat- Dal Lake, srinagar Kashmir.JPG
building static_caravan Area A mobile home (semi)permanently left on a single site


building commercial Area A building where non-specific commercial activities take place; use office=* to describe the type of office. Consider tagging the area using landuse=commercial. Use 'retail' if the building consists primarily of shops.
building industrial Area A building where some industrial process takes place. Use warehouse if the purpose is known to be primarily for storage/distribution. Consider using landuse=industrial for the surrounding area and the proposed industrial=* tag to describe the industrial activity.
Eley Industrial Estate1.JPG
building retail Area A building primarily used for selling goods are sold to the public; use shop=* to identify the sort of goods sold. Consider use landuse=retail for the surrounding area. How is one meant to indicate that there is also residential accommodation or office use above? Extensive Retail Mall.jpg
building warehouse Area A building primarily used for the storage or goods or as part of a distribution system.
Copenhagen warehouse.jpg


building cathedral Area A building that was built as a cathedral. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=*, denomination=* and landuse=religious for the cathedral grounds where it is in current use.
Saint Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic.jpg
building chapel Area A building that was built as a chapel. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=*, denomination=* and landuse=religious for the chapel grounds where it is in current use.
Andachtskapelle des Moorbad Gmös.jpg
building church Area A building that was built as a church. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=* , denomination=* and landuse=religious for the church grounds where it is in current use.
building mosque Area A mosque. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=*, denomination=* and landuse=religious for the grounds where it is in current use.
Khadija-Moschee (Berlin).jpg
building temple Area A building that was built as a temple. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=*, denomination=* and landuse=religious for the grounds where it is in current use.
building synagogue Area A building that was built as a synagogue. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=*, denomination=* and landuse=religious for the grounds where it is in current use.
Synagogue Florence Italy.JPG
building shrine Area A building that was built as a shrine. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=*, denomination=* and landuse=religious for the grounds where it is in current use. Small buildings should consider historic=wayside_shrine.
building civic Area For any civic amenity, for example amenity=community_centre, amenity=library, amenity=toilets, leisure=sports_centre, leisure=swimming_pool, amenity=townhall etc. Use amenity=* or leisure=* etc to provide further details. See building=public as well.
Scarborough Civic Centre.jpg
building hospital Area A building which forms part of a hospital. Use amenity=hospital for the hospital grounds.
building school Area For any generic school buildings. Buildings for specific uses (sports halls etc) should be tagged for their purpose. Use amenity=school for the perimeter of the school grounds.
Convent School's Pippal.JPG
building stadium Area A stadium building.
building train_station Area A train station building.
Dobrepolje train station.jpg
building transportation Area A building related to public transport. You will probably want to tag it with proper tranport related tag as well, such as public_transport=station. Note that there is a special tag for train station buildings - building=train_station.
Kusatsu-Onsen Bus Station.jpg
building university Area A university building. Use amenity=university for the whole university area.
University College Oxford.jpg
building public Area A public building. Don't use amenity=public_building.
Dominion Public Building.JPG

Other Buildings

building barn Area An agricultural building used for storage and as a covered workplace.
building bridge Area A building used as a bridge. Can also represent a gatehouse for drawbridges. See also bridge=yes for highway=*. Don't use this tag just for for marking bridges (their outlines). For such purposes use man_made=bridge.
Ponte Veccio1.JPG
building bunker Area A hardened military building. Also use military=bunker.
Slavonický les, bunkr 01.jpg
building cabin Area A cabin is a small, roughly built house usually with a wood exterior and typically found in rural areas.
Koch Cabin.JPG
building construction Area Used for buildings under construction. Use construction=* to hold the value for the completed building.
Riga, stavba.jpg
building cowshed Area A cowshed (cow barn, cow house) is a a building for housing cows, usually found on farms.
Cowhouse Hrazany2.jpg
building farm_auxiliary Area A building on a farm that is not a dwelling (use 'farm' or 'house' for the farm house).
Horseshoe Barn.jpg
building garage Area A garage is a building suitable for the storage of one or possibly more motor vehicle or similar. See building=garages for larger shared buildings.
Two-Car Garage.jpg
building garages Area A building that consists of a number of discrete storage spaces for different owners/tenants. See also building=garage.
Landbouwstraat garages.jpg
building greenhouse Area A greenhouse is a glass or plastic covered building used to grow plants. Use landuse=greenhouse_horticulture for the area
Greenhouse 1.JPG
building hangar Area A hangar is a building used for the storage of airplanes, helicopters or space-craft. Consider adding aeroway=hangar, when appropriate.
IMPA hangar.jpg
building hut Area A hut is a small and crude shelter.
Kennedy's hut edit.jpg
building roof Area A structure that consists of a roof with open sides, such as a rain shelter, and also gas stations
Preem Karlskrona.jpg
building shed Area A shed is a simple, single-storey structure in a back garden or on an allotment that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.
Elderly Shed.png
building stable Area A stable is a building where horses are kept.
Häststall Elfviks gård dec 2008.jpg
building sty Area A sty (pigsty, pig ark, pig-shed) is a a building for raising domestic pigs, usually found on farms.
building transformer_tower Area A transformer tower is a characteristic tall building comprising a distribution transformer and constructed to connect directly to a medium voltage overhead power line. Quite often the power line has since been undergrounded but the building may still serve as a substation. If the building is still in use as a substation it should additionally be tagged as power=substation + substation=minor_distribution.
building ruins Area An house, a village or other building abandonned.
building yes Area Use this value where it is not possible to determine a more specific value.
building user defined Node Area All commonly used values according to Taginfo, generally building types

Additional Attributes

entrance yes / main / exit / service / emergency Node An entrance in a building. Replaces the deprecated tag building=entrance.
height number NodeArea The height of the building in meters.
building:levels number NodeArea The number of levels (floors) in the building.
building:fireproof yes/no NodeArea Fire-resistance information.

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