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Used for features that relate to the sea and the marine environment


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For features related to the Marine environment, including those along the coastline (such as natural=beaches and harbours). See Marine navigation for details of how to map features related to the safe movement of shipping, including man_made=lighthouses, navigation lights and the mooring=*; also waterways for details about inland waterways, lakes, rivers, canals etc.


Artículo principal: Coastline

The coastline is a rich and complex environment consisting of many natural and man-made features. Tags relevant to marine navigation include natural=beach, man made=beacon, man made=breakwater, natural=cliff, natural=coastline, man made=groyne, man_made=lighthouse, natural=wetland are others relevant to marine navigation.

Natural features

See Bathymetry and coastline

More needed...

Man-made structures

Surface structures include off-shore wind power=generators, man_made=offshore_platform for a non-specific facility structure in the sea and man_made=petroleum_well for oil wells (with disused=yes if they are no longer in use).

Subsea infrastructure includes man_made=pipelines, for oil and gas, and communication=line for telephones and data communications run under the sea. historic=wreck is used for sunk ships, possibly with name=* and/or sport=scuba_diving.

Marine navigation

Artículo principal: Marine navigation

seamark:type=* is used for a wide variety of shipping markers. Shipping lanes are marked using seamark:type=separation_boundary, seamark:type=separation_zone and seamark:type=separation_lane.


boundary=administrative for borders (also using admin_level=2 for national borders which are sometimes out at sea). boundary=protected_area for protected areas, including marine protected areas.

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