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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway = platform
Cercanías San Vicente del Raspeig.JPG
Una plataforma ferroviaria. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Representación en OSM Carto vía
Rendering-highway railway platform line.png
Representación en OSM Carto área
Rendering-highway railway platform area.png
Grupo: ferrocarriles
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How to map

Draw a vía way along the center of the platform and add the tag railway=platform. Some platforms (especially wider ones) are mapped as an área area, and in this case area=yes should be added.

Optionally add:

  • ref=* - platform or track number
  • name=* - for the common name of the platform
  • surface=* - the surface of the platform; e.g. paved, concrete.
  • width=* - width of the platform (if mapped as a linear way)
  • access=* - access permissions

It has been suggested that closed ways with railway=platform, but without area=yes, should also be treated as areas because ring-shaped railway platforms are unlikely to occur in reality. But adding area=yes is still necessary for correct rendering on the osm2pgsql based styles because of the problematic area semantics of OSM (technical details).

Occasionally a node is used when the correct geometry of the platform is not yet available.

If there are more then one platform in one location, a relation could be used to "bind" them together. See Approved Public Transport Schema for more information.

Frequently used tags

Key Value Description
ref Number Reference
name Text Name
bus yes / no do buses also stop at this platform?
rail yes / no do trains stop?
light_rail yes / no
subway yes / no
monorail yes / no
tram yes / no do trams stop?
funicular yes / no
wheelchair yes / no / limited / only wheelchair friendly?
bench yes / no bench to sit down..
bin yes / no trash can exists?
shelter yes / no is there shelter?
toilet yes / no toilets nearby?

Tags to use in combination

These tags may be added to the platform feature:

Related features

These features are usually tagged on a separate node or way:

  • type=route + route=train/light_rail/subway/monorail/tram - a relation for the route of the train, which may include the railway=platform as a member.

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