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This page contains a set of Kosmos rendering rules to highlight the tram transportation.

  1. use transparent landuse areas
  2. thick black lines for rails
  3. red names for stations and halts

URL of the rules to use in Kosmos: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php?title=Kosmos_Transportation/Tram


Option Value Comment
MinKosmosVersion 2.1 Minimal version of Kosmos needed to use these rules
LandBackgroundColor #F8F8F8
SeaColor #B5D6F1

Land Areas

Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Coastline way natural=coastline Polyline (MinZoom=1, Color=#8BCCE5, Width=11:1;17:5, Curved=true)
Wood area natural=wood Polygon (Color=#6099DB9C)
Scrub area natural=scrub Polygon (Color=#6099EE9C)
Fell area natural=fell Polygon (Color=#60CDDB69)
Farm area landuse=farm Polygon (Color=#60F6EEB7)
Farmland area landuse=farmland Polygon (Color=#60F6EEB7)
Farmyard area landuse=farmyard Polygon (Color=#60FFFFCC)
Residential area landuse=residential Polygon (Color=#60DCDCDC)
Industrial area landuse=industrial Polygon (Color=#60FEADB8)
Commercial area landuse=commercial Polygon (Color=#60EFC8C8)
Retail area landuse=retail Polygon (Color=#60F0DADA)
Reservoir area landuse=reservoir Polygon (Color=#60B5D0D0)
Basin area landuse=basin Polygon (Color=#60B5D0D0)
Forest area landuse=forest Polygon (Color=#60CFECA8)
Cemetery area landuse=cemetery Polygon (Color=#60A9CAAE, BackgroundColor=#6075AC7D, HatchStyle=DashedVertical)
Allotments area landuse=allotments Polygon (Color=#60CC9900)
VillageGreen area landuse=village_green Polygon (Color=#6099FF99)
Grass area landuse=grass Polygon (Color=#6099FF99)
Common area landuse=common Polygon (Color=#6099FF99)
Park area leisure=park Polygon (Color=#60C7F1A3)
Pitch area leisure=pitch Polygon (Color=#608AD2AE)
GolfCourse area leisure=golf_course Polygon (Color=#607CCC7C)
Common area leisure=common Polygon (Color=#60CFECA8)
Sport area sport=* Polygon (Color=#608AD2AE)
ParkingArea area amenity=parking Polygon (Color=#60FFFF99)
School area amenity=school Polygon (Color=#60F0F0D8)

Water Features

Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Water area natural=water Polygon (Color=lightblue)
River way waterway=river Polyline (MinZoom=5, Color=lightblue, Width=5:1;10:2;17:14, Curved=true)
Drain way waterway=drain Polyline (MinZoom=13, Color=lightblue, Width=13:1;17:6, Curved=true)
Stream way waterway=stream Polyline (MinZoom=13, Color=lightblue, Width=13:1;17:6, Curved=true)
Canal way waterway=canal Polyline (MinZoom=5, Color=lightblue, Width=5:1;10:1;17:10, Curved=true)
Riverbank area waterway=riverbank Polygon (Color=lightblue)
Land area natural=land Polygon (Color=white)


Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Rail way railway=tram Polyline (MinZoom=10, Color=black, BorderColor=black,DashStyle=DashDot, Width=3) EliminateSeams
Station node railway=tram_stop Symbol (Type=Circle, Color=red, BorderColor=red, BorderWidth=0%, size=12:2;13:2;16:14)
Text (Color=red, TagToUse=name, FontName=Trebuchet MS, FontSize=8)

Other Ways

Rule Name Targets Selector Template Options Comment
Border way boundary=administrative
.level2 admin_level=2 Polyline (MinZoom=1, Color=red, DashStyle=DashDot, Width=2)
.level4 admin_level=4 Polyline (MinZoom=10, Color=red, DashStyle=DashDot, Width=2)
.level8 admin_level=8 Polyline (MinZoom=12, Color=red, DashStyle=Dot, Width=2))
.* Polyline (MinZoom=12, Color=red, DashStyle=DashDot, Width=2)
Runway way aeroway=runway Polyline (MinZoom=14, Color=#BBBBCC, Width=11:1;17:30)
Taxiway way aeroway=taxiway Polyline (MinZoom=14, Color=#BBBBCC, Width=12:1;17:10)