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A track for running, cycling and other non-motorised racing such as horses, greyhounds. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Leisure
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Status: de facto

A dedicated track for running, cycling and other non-motorised racing such as horses, greyhounds, typically not a part of the normal network of ways and paths.

This is not a replacement for the normal highway=* values for ways that are a part of the general network of ways but which are used for non-motorised sports. For instance: a path that in a forest with a mountainbiking route on it, is still a highway=path.

Note: For motorised sports use highway=raceway.

How to map

Use on a way way or an Area area(See below).


Often mapping tracks as a way way means looping back to the start, forming a closed way closed way (the shape of many racetracks). It is tricky as this tag is also being tagged as an area - that can also be represented by closed ways.

It's unclear/undecided whether closed ways should be treated as areas for this tag so it is advised to always add an area=yes/no tag in the case of closed ways. The default OSM Carto stylesheet displays an area only if area=yes is present. This is not necessary for multipolygons since they are always handled as areas.

A typical oval 400 m track with jumping areas around a ballsport pitch can be mapped with a multipolygon (leisure=track+sport=athletics).


These sport tags are common combinations with this feature:

Useful combination

  • lanes=*, when lanes are painted on the track.

Possible Tagging Mistakes

  • Do not use both leisure=track and highway=raceway on the same way way, except cases where the same way is used both for motor racing and non-motorised racing.
  • Don't use both area and way in one track. For example, don't need to draw every single lanes of running track, and should add a lanes=3 in multipolygon.