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Before you go too much further have a look what was done in Helsinki: they map actual traffic signs (say a speedlimit sign) and the meaning of the sign (maxspeed on a highway. Doing this they found both errors in the OSM tagging and errors in the signage placed by the city council. It's documented somewhere on the wiki. The reality is that most of the time we are interpreting the meaning of the sign and encoding that using tags, mapping the actual sign is quite rare. SK53 (talk) 11:16, 19 February 2017 (UTC)

Mapping the actual sign as a source of information

I know a red circle with two numbers is meaningless. The key is the meaning we give to that set of things all together.But I think we part of an erronial misinterpretation of the reality. Traffic signs mark the start or the end of some condition of the way...or give you some information about the circumstances of the way in a concret point, then you can retain this information (like distances or recommendations). Yes, we can extract that information and "explain it" in every track or we can map an actual sign and the system would determine that in that point start this information (as real drivers do). Traffic signs are so important "by itselfs". Every country has its own, also. Talk to your government to give you a list of every section with every property you can imagine. Our government made it simple: list of traffic signs with all these values we are talking about.

Computers can do all this work lonely, but I don't know why big car fish as Toyota or Hyunday or Google are worried about recognition of traffic signs as they are not important by itself.

Also I don't understand why exists the key traffic_sign . I would erradicate all of them ;)

Sorry...but you are late. I went too further. I don't know if it is so important or not a traffic sign. 29 presets are done (also they can map sections). Style shows you more of 8000 different traffic signs of 29 different countries. And with Kendzi3D plug-in in JOSM you can watch these generic traffic signs in 3D.

I know micromapping will be a hard work...but as all the things in OSM let the people decide if this is useful or not. If all of that is meaningless and unuseful nobody will use it, and this proposal will die by itself. If something is harvestable , good one, can use all or part of this new scheme for tagging a real and a massive element as a traffic sign is.

PD: Think about railways...They also have traffic signs...and are also start to mapping it... ;) yopaseopor (talk) 00:30, 20 February 2017 (UTC)

should to be compatible with both trends (exact sign localisation or not)

The proposal is interesting but the key side should be improved. It would be useful to be compatible with both trends: - locate one or more nodes where sign(s) are located. a relation ? - summarize the location of panel(s) with a word as you describe with the side key. The side word is also maybenot the better. maybe localisation is better The Traffic_signs_XX preset for josm is usefull but it lacks the ability to set more than a location. For example down+right is common for stop and giveway signs. Marc CH (talk) 20:19, 16 June 2017 (UTC)