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The OSM UK Quarterly Projects is a series of 3 month projects for United Kingdom mappers. Subjects are voted upon via the OSM UK Loomio platform and announced on the talk-gb mailing list.

Each project pushes the UK map forwards in quality and coverage. It provides a short-term focus for activity.

Near the end of each quarter a number of UK quarterly project ideas are thrown into the ring. It may not have been their time, or they need to be worked up further, or they may trigger further thoughts. A 'good' project involves: discussions on how to best tag (from prior experience and learning during the project); a simple, approachable task with tooling to assist; monitoring and reporting of progress via easy to measure metrics; scope for individuals to do their own thing; creation of Open Source software; generation of United Kingdom Tagging Guidelines; wider coverage of OSM and OSMUK.

Some quarterly projects are to bring in brand new mappers, or get novice mappers to map more.

Other quarterly projects are to focus on enhancing a particular subject area on the map, resulting in more detail, coverage and/or tools.

The subject of the Project should be decided before the quarter begins to give people the opportunity to plan their activities.

OpenCageData Blog Interview with Brian & Rob about the UK Quarterly Project













The standard contact methods of [Talk-GB] and changeset comments are used, we also talk and vote on Loomio. You can contact the OSM UK board privately at


We encourage the use of the hashtag #ukqp on changeset comments. Note that this isn't widespread yet, and can't be used to identify edits.


Each project lasts 3 months. When successful they stick around with contributors long after. We aim to announce them on Talk-GB prior to the start of the quarter.

Tools and Data Sources

Each project has different sets of tools and sources, each project page should list them.


This is a community project, there is no extensive list of accounts involved. It is organised by OSM UK, but participation is not limited to OSM UK members.