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I'm living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, so you will see me likely contribute for in and around this city.

For mapping I use a Columbus V-900 GPS logger and a Garmin/eTrex Touch 35 with Openfietsmap Benelux and JOSM running under OpenSuse Linux.


Handy and interesting pages

Vlag van Nederland Project Nederland +/-

Route planners

Cards for Rotterdam-Zuid, Barendrecht en Ridderkerk

JOSM setup

On 20220605 Josm errored out on loading ~/.config/JOSM/preferences.xml and that left me with a virgin josm install. I had setup all kind of custom settings and this section tries to document them while I restore them so next time it can be done faster.

Things did initially not work without problems, see After completely removing ~/.config/JOSM, ~/.local/share/JOSM and ~/.cache/JOSM and doing the configuration again everything worked again as before.

Key/Tag macro's

Code Weergave
{{Key|cycleway}} cycleway=*
{{Tag|cycleway|}} cycleway=*
{{Tag|cycleway|lane}} cycleway=lane
{{TagValue|cycleway|lane}} lane
{{Tag|cycleway||lane}} cycleway=lane
{{Tag|cycleway|subkey=subkey||lane}} cycleway:left=lane
{{Tag|cycleway|:=subkey|lane}} cycleway:left=lane
{{Key|cycleway||lane/shared_lane}} cycleway=lane/shared_lane

Zie ook Template:Tag.

Pages I created