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This page is the documentation of a mechanical edit on operator=* of railway infrastructure in Germany and neighbouring countries. You can find the German documentation in the initial posting in its thread on the German OSM Forum.

This mechanical edit will replace DB Netz AG and DB Station&Service AG in all possible spellings by DB InfraGO AG. It will remove operator:wikipedia=* from the modified objects and add, if necessary, operator:wikidata=* as an replacement.

The mechanical edit described on this page will be made after 22 December 2023.

Why is this edit necessary?

The German national railway operator "DB Netz AG" and the operator of the stations "DB Station&Service AG", both part of Deutsche Bahn, merge and form the new company "DB InfraGO AG". This edit will update operator=*. Unifying the spelling is a side effect of this mechanical edit.

Current Tagging

According to Geofabrik Taginfo as of 2023-12-07, there are following tags in use in Germany[1]:

There are no or nearly no other spelling variants of DB Netz AG/DB Station&Service AG used for the operator=* tag.

For reference, the following objects will be excluded from the mechanical edit because they need a manual review:

The numbers for owner=*:

Proposed Changes

This edit will make following changes:

Following objects with operator=DB Netz AG in any spelling will be edited without manual review:

I will decide for each relation with route=railway individually whether I remove the operator tags because they represent a timetable sheet or leave them untouched.

Following objects with operator=DB Station&Service AG in any spelling will be edited without manual review:

While I prepared this documentation, I found lots of ticket vending machines to be operated by DB Station&Service AG. This is wrong. Their likely operator was DB Vertrieb GmbH when they were mapped. However, in the meantime many DB ticket vending machines were replaced by machines of other operators because either ticket sales were contracted to a different company or the operator of the local trains has changed (and set up their own ticket vending machines). Any objects I cannot safely assign to DB Vertrieb GmbH will be left untouched.

After the mechanical edit any object with an old operator tag was likely mistagged in the past and needs an on-the-ground survey (e.g. strange vending machines) or lots of remapping (route relations).

Affected Area

This edit affects following countries:

  • Germany
  • German railway infrastructure on Swiss territory accoring to the treaty between Grand Duchy Baden and Swiss Federation from 1852
    • Weil am Rhein–Basel Badischer Bahnhof–Basel Grenze
    • Basel Badischer Bahnhof–Lörrach-Stetten
    • Basel Badischer Bahnhof–Grenzach
    • Erzingen(Baden)–Bietingen
    • Konstanz–Kreuzlingen
    • Konstanz–Kreuzlingen Hafen
  • Czech Republic: short sections crossing Czech territory
    • Bad Brambach–Vojtanov
    • Taubenheim(Spree)–Neusalza-Spremberg
  • Belgium
    • few German signals close to the German border


Changes will be uploaded with JOSM.


See also

  • a historic mechanical edit to change the operator of the tracks and stations of S-Bahn Berlin GmbH to DB Netz AG and DB Station&Service AG
  1. Geofabrik clipping polygon, this includes almost all German railway infrastructure in Basel-Stadt.