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This page describes OSM features tagging of NRCan's CanVec product (.osm version)
Notes are at the end of tagging description

SpecCode Geometry Entity Attributes OSM Tag(s)
125001* node Navigational aid Navigation beacon man_made=beacon
125002* node Navigational aid Navigation light man_made=lighthouse;fixme=could be a beacon with a light
125003* node Navigational aid Unknown man_made=beacon
137001* area Residential area Residential area landuse=residential
200001* node Parabolic antenna Radar man_made=tower;note=Radar parabolic antenna
200002* node Parabolic antenna Radio telescope man_made=tower;note=Radio telescope parabolic antenna
201001* area Building Unknown building=yes
201002* nodearea Building Arena building=yes;leisure=sports_centre
201003* nodearea Building Armoury building=yes;landuse=military;note=armoury building
201006* nodearea Building City hall building=yes;amenity=townhall
201007* nodearea Building Coast guard station building=yes;amenity=coast_guard
201008* nodearea Building Community centre building=yes;amenity=community_centre
201009* nodearea Building Courthouse building=yes;amenity=courthouse
201010* nodearea Building Customs post building=yes;amenity=customs
201012* nodearea Building Electric power station building=yes;power=generator
201013* nodearea Building Fire station building=yes;amenity=fire_station
201017* nodearea Building Highway service centre building=yes;highway=services
201018* nodearea Building Hospital building=yes;amenity=hospital
201020* nodearea Building Medical centre building=yes;amenity=doctors
201021* nodearea Building Municipal hall building=yes;amenity=townhall
201024* area Building Gas and oil facilities building building=yes;note=Gas and oil facilities building
201025* area Building Other building=yes
201026* nodearea Building Parliament building building=yes;note=Parliament building
201027* nodearea Building Police station building=yes;amenity=police
201028* nodearea Building Railway station building=yes;railway=station
201030* nodearea Building Satellite-tracking station building=yes;note=Satellite-tracking station
201033* nodearea Building Sportsplex building=yes;leisure=sports_centre
201038* area Building Industrial building building=yes;landuse=industrial
201039* nodearea Building Religious building building=yes;amenity=place_of_worship
201040* nodearea Building Penal building building=yes;amenity=prison
201042* nodearea Building Educational building building=yes;amenity=school
206001* node Chimney Unknown man_made=chimney
206002* node Chimney Burner man_made=chimney;note=wood burner
206003* node Chimney Industrial man_made=chimney;note=Industrial
206004* node Chimney Flare stack man_made=chimney;note=Flare stack
208001* node Tank Unknown, unknown man_made=storage_tank
208002* nodearea Tank Horizontal, unknown man_made=storage_tank
208003* nodearea Tank Vertical, other man_made=storage_tank
208004* nodearea Tank Vertical, water man_made=storage_tank;content=water
208005* nodearea Tank Vertical, unknown man_made=storage_tank
212001* node Cross Cross historic=memorial
223001* way Transmission line Telephone, other power=minor_line;fixme=confirm power/communication line
224001* way Wall/Fence Fence barrier=fence
224002* way Wall/Fence Wall barrier=wall
231001* way Pipeline (Sewage/liquid waste) Sewage/liquid waste, aboveground man_made=pipeline
235001* node Well Unknown man_made=well
235002* node Well Water man_made=well;content=water
235003* node Well Petroleum man_made=petroleum_well
238001* nodearea Underground reservoir Underground reservoir landuse=reservoir;note=underground reservoir
244001* node Silo Silo man_made=storage_tank;content=silage
253001* node Tower Communication man_made=tower;tower:type=communication
253002* node Tower Control aeroway=control_tower
253003* node Tower Clearance man_made=tower
253004* node Tower Firebreak man_made=tower;tower:type=observation
253005* node Tower Lookout man_made=tower;tower:type=observation;tourism=viewpoint

note 1: Entity and attribute descriptions can be found here.
note 2: Entity specification code (SpecCode) is a seven digit number where * should be replaced with the appropriate Geometry indicator (0 = Point, 1 = Line, 2 = Area).