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Transport Map
Transport Map London sample.png
Autor Andy Allan
Slippy map
Usage policy API keys,
Tiles license CC-BY-SA 2.0[1]
Style website

The "Transport Map" layer is one set of the featured tiles available on the front page map by clicking the to get the layer picker on the right hand side. It is one of several transport themed renderings and map displays using OpenStreetMap data. See AwesomeTransportTools#Renderers for a list.

Created by Andy Allan of OpenCycleMap fame, and hosted on his ThunderForest tile hosting service, this map style shows public transport lanes like railways, buses and trams worldwide. Read his introductory blog post.

The map is created using Mapnik renderer running on Andy's own server. Changes to OpenStreetMap data (diffs) are synced on a daily basis.

Use of these tiles is covered by a different set of policies than those on OpenStreetMap foundation servers. The stylesheet is not shared openly. For details of how you can use Transport Map on other sites/apps, see: