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Ito Map is a global slippy overlay map service from Ito World which offers a range of map views to highlight many 'hidden' data layers within OpenStreetMap. See Ito Map ideas page for details and discussions about additional map layers.


Ito Map was released for the UK and parts of northern Europe on 18 March 2011 and was extended to cover the USA, Canada and the Caribbean on the 23 March 2011. It went global on 31 March 2011 with a further four rail related layers added on 7 April 2011. A 'building heights' layer was released on 12 April 2011. Since then new layers have been added. In August 2012 British Isles nodes were added with some new layers with support for them. In September 2012 to coincide with SOTM the ability to click on maps and get additional information was added. Ito Map was developed by Ito World with support from Ideas in Transit, a five UK government funded research project.

Data updates

The map data is normally updated after 7 days.


See also: Ito Map ideas to discuss new map ideas

Below are just some of the map layers available within Ito Map. Check the product itself for the complete current list. You can request new maps or suggest changes to existing maps using the Ito Map ideas wiki page.


The barriers overlay highlights a number of different types of barrier=*. Hedges are shown as red, fences as green, walls as blue and central_reservation is light blue. Other types of barrier are currently shown as black.

Barriers view of Cambourne in Cambridgeshire

Buildings and addresses

Shows building=*s as red if there is no associated addressing using addr=* or name=*. Buildings coloured green have a house number using addr:housenumber=*, blue ones have a house name either using name=* or addr:housename=*. Address ranges using addr:interpolation=* are shown as green/blue lines.

Buildings and addresses view of Cambourne in Cambridgeshire

Building heights

Showing buildings with height information either encoded using height=* or using building:levels=*.

Showing building heights in the north of Moscow

Car parks

Show area tagged with amenity=parking as shown as blue if there is a capacity=* value and red if not. In this case none of the three cars parks have a capacity given.

Car parks overlay for Cambourne in Cambridgeshire

Electricity distribution

This view shows electricity lines and the associated voltages. Power lines tagged using power=line are colour black unless there is a voltage=* specified. 400KV lines are coloured blue, 132KV red. low voltage lines using power=minor_line are shown as thin green lines. The voltages are currently designed to suit the UK grid. Additional voltages can be added to the script to accommodate other countries voltages.

Electricity distribution overlay


A view showing ways which are tagged with fixme=*.

Fixme tags in red

Former railways

A view of the 'Former railways' overlay. railway=preserved is shown in green, railway=disused in red, railway=abandoned in blue and railway=dismantled in light purple (not shown in this image).

Former railways

Green space access

The 'Green space access' layer shows public accessibility to green spaces (see linked article for details).

Greenery Access Rights


The Layer overlay shows ways tagged with layer=*. Layers 2,3,4 and 5 are in shown in orange, layer 1 in red, level 0 in green, level -1 in blue and levels -2, -3 and -4 are in light blue.

Layers overlay for Chicago


Ito Map Metro overlay shows railway=subway in red.

New York subway

Navigable waterways

An Ito Map overlay showing navigable waterways which are tagged with waterway=* and a value of canal, drain, stream or river. If they also have boat=yes they are shown in red and if boat=no are shown in blue; rivers without either are shown in black. The coastline is green, lakes are brown and reservoirs in purple. waterway=riverbank is not displayed to avoid obscuring the colour coding of the river itself.

Navigable waterways

Railway electrification

Highlighting the data in railway=electrified

Railway electrification

Railway engineering

Highlighting bridges (bridge=yes), viaducts (bridge=viaduct), tunnels (tunnel=yes), embankments (embankment=yes)and cuttings (cutting=yes)on mainline railways.

Railway engineering

Railway loading gauge

Highlighting the data in railway=loading_gauge

Railway loading gauge

Railway stations

Highlighting station platforms (railway=platform) and if they have a reference (ref=*) defined. Platforms are marked in blue if they have a platform reference and red otherwise.

Railway stations

Railway tracks

Highlighting the number of tracks in railway=tracks. Note that it is generally considered preferable to create a way for each track in which case a twin track line will be shown as two parallel way with tracks=1 rather than one way with tracks=2.

Railway tracks


Ito Map overlay showing railway elements. railway=rail is shown in black. ways with railway=rail and also railway=siding (or yard or spur) are shown in light blue. railway=subway is shown in red, railway=light_rail in blue. The deprecated railway=siding is shown in red. railway=platform are also currently shown in red. railway=narrow_gauge is shown in green. Railway overlay


Ito Map overlay showing amenity=school. Schools with name=* are shown in blue and red if not.

Schools overlay

Speed limits km/h

Ito Map overlay showing the value in maxspeed=* for all ways with highway=* suitable for km/h areas. yellow for maxspeed of 'none'. dark blue for 130/120/110. light blue for 100, purple for 90/80, red for 70/60 orange for 50 and green for 5/10/15/20/30/40. Where a maxspeed is set to another value is it shown as 'tan'. If maxspeed is not set then for road classes of tertiary and higher then roads are shown in black.

speed limits for all roads in km/h

Speed limits km/h: major roads

Ito Map overlay showing the value in maxspeed=* for highway=motorway, highway=trunk and highway=primary for areas where speed is shown in km/h. Yellow is used for ways with maxspeed set to 'none', dark blue for 130/120/110, light blue for 100, purple for 90/80, red for 70/60 and orange for 50. Where a maxspeed is set to another value is it shown as 'tan'. If maxspeed is not set then for the above road classes the road is shown in black.

Major roads speed limits in km/h

Speed limits mph

Ito Map overlay showing the value in maxspeed=* for all ways with highway=* suitable for areas that use miles per hour. Yellow for maxspeed of 'none' (some states in the USA), dark blue for '70 mph' (and '70mph'), light blue for 60/65 mph, purple for 50/55 mph, red for 40/45 mph, orange for 30/35 mph and green for 5/10/15/20/25 mph. Where a maxspeed is set to another value, it is shown as 'tan'. If maxspeed is not set then, for road classes of tertiary and higher, roads are shown in black. Note that speeds must end in 'mph' with an optional but preferred space between the number and the letters 'mph'.

Road speed limits for all roads in miles per hour

Speed limits mph: major roads

Ito Map overlay showing the value in maxspeed=* for highway=motorway, highway=trunk and highway=primary for areas that show speeds as miles per hour. Yellow is used for ways with maxspeed set to 'none' (some states in the USA), dark blue for '70 mph' (and '70mph'), light blue for 60/65 mph, purple for 50/55 mph, red for 40/45 mph and orange for 30/35 mph. Where a maxspeed is set to another value, it is shown as 'tan'. If maxspeed is not set then, for the above road classes, the road is shown in black. Note that speeds must end in 'mph' with an optional but preferred space between the number and the letters 'mph'.

Speed limits for major roads in miles per hour


Ito Map overlay showing tracktype=*. Blue is for paved surfaces tracktype=grade1. Black is for paths with an unspecified tracktype.

Tracktype overlay

Unknown roads

Overlay showing unknown roads which are tagged highway=road. After investigation these should be given a more accurate description.

Unknown roads overlay


Showing different types of water feature.

Water overlay

Full map list

Map Number Title Key ? url Primary Key
2 Administrative Boundaries yes [1] boundary
3 Water yes [2] waterway
4 Electricity distribution yes [3] power
5 Speed limits (mph) yes [4] highway
6 Schools yes [5] amenity
7 Car parks yes [6] amenity
9 Buildings and addresses yes [7] building
12 FIXME yes [8]
14 Railway tracks yes [9] railway
15 Railways [type] yes [10] railway
18 Metro yes [11] railway
19 Web links yes [12]
21 Highway fixup yes [13] highway
22 Layers yes [14] layer
24 Navigable waterways yes [15] waterway
25 Surfaces yes [16] highway
26 Historic railways yes [17] railway
35 Speed limits kph yes [18] highway
41 Speed limits mph: major roads yes [19] highway
42 Speed limits kph: major roads yes [20] highway
47 Golf yes [21]
49 Barriers yes [22] barrier
55 Railway engineering yes [23] railway
56 Highway lanes - major roads yes [24] highway
57 Transport construction yes [25]
68 Railway electrification yes [26] railway
69 Highway lighting yes [27] highway
70 Bus priority yes [28] highway
71 Railway freight yes [29] railway
79 Railway stations fixme yes [30] railway
81 Unrecognised speed limits (UK only) yes [31] highway
82 Sports (British traditional) yes [32]
84 Subway layers no [33]
85 Building heights yes [34] building
87 Path designation UK yes [35] highway
88 Heritage yes [36]
91 Grassland types yes [37]
92 Bridges and viaducts yes [38]
97 Paths and footways no [39] highway
106 Electricity generation yes [40] power
109 Green space access yes [41]
110 Electrical power conversion no [42] power
115 Marina fixme no [43]
116 Piers and jetties, groynes and breakwaters no [44]
118 Source types yes [45]
120 Path types yes [46] highway
121 Off-road cycle routes no [47] highway
122 Building classification yes [48] building
124 Speed limits yes [49] highway
125 Speed limits fixup yes [50] highway
126 Sidewalks and footways yes [51] highway
127 Recent edits by type: last 90 days yes [52]
128 Highway lanes: major roads no [53] highway
129 Recent edits: last 90 days yes [54]
130 Recent edits: last 7 days yes [55]
131 Recent edits by type: last 7 days yes [56]
132 Walkable city yes [57]
133 Agriculture yes [58]
139 Footway=… no [59]
140 Footways and paths no [60]
141 not:name tag yes [61]
143 Navigation no [62]
144 Hov lanes yes [63] highway
145 Canals yes [64] waterway
147 Highway lanes missing yes [65] highway
148 USA National highway system yes [66] highway
149 Speed limits: major roads yes [67] highway
150 Baseball yes [68]
151 On-road bicycle tagging yes [69] highway
152 Strategic road network GB no [70] highway
158 Sports fixup no [71]
159 Railway gauge yes [72] railway
160 HGV routing yes [73] highway
161 Recent railway edits - last 30 days yes [74] railway
162 TIGER reviewed 162 [75]
163 Airport details yes [76]
165 Woodland cover yes [77]
166 Woodland type yes [78]
170 Heritage buildings yes [79]
171 Passenger rail yes [80] railway
172 Railway electrification missing yes [81] railway
175 Cabins, huts and sheds yes [82]
176 Use of various residential building tags yes [83] building
178 Recent highway edits - last 30 days yes [84] highway
179 Highway lanes yes [85] highway
180 VMD: Roads comparison yes [86]
181 VMD: Roads comparison reverse yes [87]
182 VMD: Railways comparison yes [88]
183 WMD: Electricity comparison yes [89]
184 VMD - Water comparison yes [90]
185 WMD: Buildings comparison yes [91]
186 VMD: Woodland comparison yes [92]
188 Communications infrastructure yes [93]
189 VMD coastline yes [94]
191 Marine yes [95]
192 OS boundaryline comparison yes [96] boundary
193 OS boundary line yes [97] boundary
196 Railway dates yes [98] railway
198 Former railway usage yes [99] railway
200 Percentage cars on GB roads 2010 yes [100]
202 Change in car use on GB roads 2001-2010 yes [101]
203 Percentage cars on GB roads 2000 yes [102]
205 Percentage bicycles on GB roads 2010 yes [103]
207 Change in bicycle use 2001-2010 yes [104]
208 Change in bus/coaches on GB roads 2001-2010 yes [105]
213 Change in GB vehicles 2001-2010 yes [106]
215 Highway surfaces yes [107] highway
216 Transport landuse yes [108] landuse
217 Rugby Union and Rugby league grounds yes [109]
218 Recent water edits - last 30 days yes [110]
219 Railway speeds yes [111] railway
220 Pipelines yes [112]
221 Building entrance fixup yes [113]
222 Step counts yes [114] highway
223 Bicycle parking yes [115]
224 Accessible building entrances yes [116]
225 Cycleway segregation yes [117]
226 VMD comparison - main roads yes [118]
227 Cycleway and footway widths yes [119]
228 VMD: Woodland comparison composite yes [120]
230 ATMs yes [121]
231 Railway track (passenger_lines) yes [122] railway
234 Highways yes [123]
235 Coastline edits: last 90 days yes [124]
236 Highway refs yes [125] highway
237 Railway names yes [126] railway
238 Waterway names yes [127] waterway
239 Traffic calming yes [128] highway
240 TIGER roads comparison yes [129] highway
241 OSM highways review yes [130] highway
243 Political boundaries yes [131] boundary
245 ITO Future Norfolk no [132]
247 Railway refs yes [133] railway
248 Railway Operators yes [134] railway
249 Highway maxweight fixup yes [135] highway
250 DfT cycling data - simple yes [136]
251 Environment Agency - Natural England yes [137]
252 DfT cycle data - paths comparison yes [138]
253 2011 Greenbelt yes [139]
254 Dft cycle data - paths comparison reverse yes [140]
255 DfT cycle data comparison - highways yes [141]
256 DfT cycle data comparison - lit yes [142]
258 Railway level crossings yes [143] railway
259 TIGER yes [144]
260 OSM/TIGER road classification comparison yes [145] highway

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